Former TBN Vice President Paul Crouch Jr. Now Joins The Word Network

Paul Crouch Jr at The Word Network

Paul Crouch Jr at The Word Network

Former TBN Vice President Paul Crouch Jr. Now Joins The Word Network

This is a huge switch for TBN founder’s son Paul Crouch Jr. He’s picked up a new position with a competitor in the televised evangelical industry. While TBN acquired many African American fans and followers, this new position with a network based mostly in support of Black Americans is very interesting. We can’t help but wonder what has occurred for Junior to leave his parent’s family owned network, but is very clear he wanted out for some reason and is pursuing new things elsewhere. We are not sure why this has happened, but scandal seems to come to mind.

Just weeks after Paul Crouch, Jr. left the television network his parents pioneered 38 years ago, the mystery surrounding the “new opportunities” that enticed him is solved. He’s joined The Word Network.

Read report below:

Crouch is joining The Word Network, the largest African American religious network in the U.S. Crouch gave up his position as vice president and chief of staff at TBN to serve as director of project development at the network.

Paul Crouch Jr Joins The Word Network

Paul Crouch Jr Joins The Word Network

Crouch will work to expand the network to the Christian community in California with live broadcasts and interviews with Christian leaders. Crouch’s new venture comes after the successful launch of iTBN, a new online service that aims to deliver TBN’s best programming—both past and present—to Web audiences all over the world. ITBN rolled out in September. Crouch resigned from TBN in October.

It is not clear why Crouch decided to take his talents to another network. The Word Network airs national and international ministries, gospel music, interview shows, religious conventions, and special events and is available in 85 million homes in the U.S. and in more than 200 countries around the world.

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3 Responses to “Former TBN Vice President Paul Crouch Jr. Now Joins The Word Network”

  1. hadassah says:

    This is something. I believe YHWH called him out of that mess called TBN. His brother Matt is all about the money. We are in the last days and folks need to wake up!

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Yes! We feel he knew he needed to get out of TBN too. Only he knows what was in store for him if he stayed.

  3. Jan Goade says:

    Momma & Daddy crooked!.

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