Gospel Artist Vickie Winans Asks Forgivenes But is Told to Repent By Video Owner

Vickie Winans

Gospel Artist Vickie Winans is Told to Repent By Youtube Video Owner

The owner of the Youtube video who allegedly exposed Vickie Winans has addressed her and told her to repent. On the Youtube page with video, Vickie Winans Exposed ( Hidden Coven 6), she states she is very sorry for living up to their standards. In fact she also states she has tried to please people all of her life and asks for forgiveness.

It struck us odd that she would really go on with this person but she appears to want to address it though she never addressed the specifics recognized in her alleged behavior in the video. She only spoke against it and threatened to sue.

We don’t know if she knew what she was doing or not, but she surely has been influenced by the crowd she deals with in her songs and many of them have been producing her music and videos in the recent years.

We want to continue to pray for Vickie Winans and others who are allegedly losing touch with what gospel really means and how it is to remain authentic and sacred.

NOTE: We want to make it clear that this is not a fake Vickie Winans responding because the comments are coming from her official Youtube account.

Youtuber Rebukes Vickie Winans

Courtesy of 2012lavender on Youtube.com


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One Response to “Gospel Artist Vickie Winans Asks Forgivenes But is Told to Repent By Video Owner”

  1. Jesus Warrior says:

    WOAH :-O

    I accidentally came onto this website and found this, I don’t believe God is really real, he is really opening the eyes of these people who need Jesus.

    Let me edit and say that again – I’m just stunned and shocked because I didn’t think these kind of people can have a chance to change.

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