Are Hip Hop Artists Going Feminine in New Fashion Styles or Is it Just Gay?

Are Hip Hop Artists Going Feminine in New Fashion Styles?

Here’s Kanye West sporting a leather dress, but the reports are calling it a “kilt”. I think these Hollywood stars not only are exhibiting exactly who they really are but want major attention while doing it. What ever happened to the masculine rappers? Or were they always hiding some kind of feminine tendency?

Kanye West in Dress

Kanye West in Wearing a Dress during 'Watch The Throne' tour

Rapper Cam’ron dressing very warmly for the winter. I’m not sure what male would really wear a coat like this one. It’s telling us more than just the color purple that’s for sure.

Cam'ron rapper

Cam'ron rapper wearing purple fur hat and coat?


Here’s another photo of Cam’ron in pink fur this time and I believe he’s holding a light pink phone as well. So, this is clearly a woman’s color. We know that some of our readers did not like us talking about Pastor Jamal Bryant in his pink suit and “Victorious Secret” event but is this clear enough for us to question or is it ok? Also check out this photo and answer it for yourself.

Cam'ron in Pink fur and phone

Cam'ron in Pink fur and phone?


Here’s West Coast rapper D.J. Quik sporting his long straightened hair. Back in the day, these WC rappers thought having long hair was cool but now it looks less masculine than ever.

DJ Quik wearing long hair

DJ Quik wearing long hair

These are just a few rappers who have allegedly hidden their feminine side yet exposed it through their dress attire or hairstyles. The funny thing is they never admit to being allegedly gay. Its no surprise that many of them have allegedly been on the ‘down low’ for decades but it appears that this ‘rap game’, as they call it, is going straight to the gay scene.

I suggest they get out of the pseudo gangster life, get with a good church and start over. This rap lifestyle is turning homosexual and many of them are apparently going along with it.

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4 Responses to “Are Hip Hop Artists Going Feminine in New Fashion Styles or Is it Just Gay?”

  1. Restored4hisglory says:

    I can attest to this post as I live on the West coast and there are many homo thug, rappers out here who claim to be straight but in reality HATE women! My cousin used to date Eazy E back in the day, right up until he allegedly died of AIDS (she did not contract it, thank God, if that is what he died of), and I used to date a famous DJ out here who (unfortunately through my backsliding and disobedience)gave me a disease that is primarily spread among IV drug users, homosexual men, promiscuous persons, and blood transfusions. Thank God, through His mercy and knocking me on my behind for almost a year, I recovered and am no longer infected, but that famous DJ has not recovered, is still infected, and denied ever having relations with men. But by his hateful attitude towards women, I suspect otherwise. I hate to say it, but I don’t trust NONE of them because I have been a witness to some strange homo like behavior in a lot of these so called black men. It’s not the obvious flamboyancy or feminine ways, it’s the attitudes and things they say that make me suspect that they are on the DL. I’ve been around awhile so I have some pretty good discernment, so as for me, I’m staying with the Lord. It’s crazy out there with these men, even the one’s in church, can’t trust them either.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Thanks for sharing. You definitely experienced a lot and we are so happy you were no longer inflicted nor infected. God is a good God and had a plan for your life. Many of our writers here at AT2W are from the West Coast and we have some knowledge of some things too but your personal story will help inspire anyone. The DL issue is all too common amongst many rappers and those that do not appear to be bisexual. It is a very crazy world and we just have to keep our eyes on God because he truly has a mate for us and it will be one that is perfect for us as well. God bless and thanks again for sharing this info.

  3. BLKROCK says:

    I was just on a site called Diaryofhollywoodstreetking and there is a video of a Dallas based up and coming rapper who is wearing tights and lipstick. This rapper claims that he does not believe in barriers of the mind and men should explore their feminine side. I also saw rapper Lil B dressed in female jewelry and lipstick and he has named his latest cd “I’m Gay”. These are the people the youth are looking up to and listening to. We better pray people like never before because this spirit of homosexuality is spreading and Satan is using music and movies to do it.

  4. AT2W Staff says:

    Our youth are admiring these celebrities and they will start to agree with homosexuality because their favorite rapper does. Its our job to gear them away from all of this because it will take them over.

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