Illuminati Alert: What’s Really Going On at The Bobby Jones Gospel Show?

bobby jones gospel all seeing eye- illuminati

Illuminati Alert: What’s Really Going On at The Bobby Jones Gospel Show?

We want to thank L.V. for giving us a heads up on this one.

We were directed to the Bobby Jones Gospel Show that was aired on Oct. 30th. Our reader informed us that the background behind the stage is made in the image of the “all seeing eye”. The “all seeing eye” is:

Imagery of an all-seeing eye can be traced back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus. It represents the all-seeing eye of God and is a reminder that a Mason’s thoughts and deeds are always observed by God (who is referred to in Masonry as the Great Architect of the Universe). Typically, the Masonic Eye of Providence has a semi-circular glory below the eye. Sometimes the Eye is enclosed by a triangle.  [source]

Donald Lawrence at Bobby Jones Gospel

As you take a look at the background it is clearly shaped like an eye, but why? Why is Bobby Jones performing and having others sing behind a satanic symbol as such? Does he know, what is as big as day, is a Freemason salute to ‘their’ God, Horus?

BET network is a worldwide provider of entertainment and a venue for many performers and they are most likely behind the stage props. We are just concerned that since Bobby Jones has been around for 31 years and provided a venue for many up and coming gospel artists, what is behind the recent change of the stage’s background?

We would not be surprised if BET, for instance, has created this for him because of the hypocritical change in gospel music. There are so many gospel artists who are selling out to Satan for fame and fortune and are no longer singing as a gift and praise to God alone. And trust us, BET would not care one way or the other but for it to bring in a lot of money.

The gospel music industry (we hate calling it an industry which equates to corporate money) has adopted the ways of the world and Bobby Jones and his show have been one of the main forerunners to showcase talent for many years. Surely, as you can see on the videos at BET of his show, he has not been stuck in time but has moved along with the change in carnal gospel music. Of course, he would agree because  this meant huge money for all parties involved.

Bobby Jones Gospel with cross insided the 'all seeing eye'

Between 2003-2005, we remember when Shirley Caesar was on the Bobby Jones Show and she announced that ‘the gospel music industry’ is a billion dollar industry. She and Bobby Jones shook their heads in agreement and we knew at that point it was all about money and how they were going to make sure it stayed that way.

So let’s examine some snap shots of the Bobby Jones Gospel Show on Oct. 30th:

1) The first picture is of Bobby Jones and his singers. It is clear to see the form of an eye with the pupil in the middle. They have made it attractive with the red and purple colors but to smart people like ourselves, this is clearly an eye shape and it was made to be seen in a big way.

2) The second picture shows gospel singer Donald Lawrence and singers just starting their performance and the name “Bobby Jones Gospel” is in the middle of the eye. This appears to be a sign of glorifying Dr. Bobby Jones and his show as well as honoring the god Horus.

3) The third photo of Donald Lawrence on stage with his singers shows an interesting image. Anyone can clearly see the colors have dimmed to a deep purple and cloudy scene in back of the eye but do you see the floating cross symbol in the middle of the eye? This is a bold attempt to deflect our focus off the ‘eye’ shaped background and onto the cross. So, if this eye shape is a symbol of the Illuminati, they want us to try and keep our minds on God- for heaven’s sake it is a ‘gospel show’, right?

Well, we can see what is going on here and if a viewer can see it, anyone can. The issue is do you believe that gospel artists and people in the business would stoop so low to disgrace God and is honor. Sure they would. Some of them will do ‘whatever’ to make more money and keep their status. Bobby Jones may not be able to sing well, but he is a smart businessman. He surely knows what he needs to do to keep the networks happy and making lots of money. Besides, isn’t making money worth losing your soul? Very sad.

Folks, let’s keep praying for them for though they should know what they are doing, they have turned from God and need to  humbly return.

Watch the show for yourself and see the ‘all seeing eye’ HERE.