Steve Harvey Has Ex Wife Mary Harvey Arrested AGAIN To Allegedly Keep Her Away from Son [VIDEO]

Mary Harvey Arrested Again

Steve Harvey Has Ex Wife Mary Harvey Arrested AGAIN To Allegedly Keep Her Away from Son [VIDEO]

Apparently, Steve Harvey is back to his tricks with his ex-wife Mary Harvey. Mary Harvey was arrested on Halloween day in front of her two sons. The police kept her in jail most of the day while Steve Harvey had attorneys draw up a temporary restraining order against her from seeing her son, Wynton whom she does not have custody.

Watch video below and see our response below.

NOTICE: Be aware. Offensive language is in the audio. We do not support nor condone this language but the video is important to hear so Steve Harvey’s fans can see his unfinished marital issues lingering on as an alleged ‘Christian man’ hosting show on Christian networks.


AT2W’s Take: We interviewed Mary Harvey earlier this year and she explained quite a bit of what many people do not know about Steve Harvey. Though we don’t approve of her profanity on the audio above, again we know that this situation with her ex husband has been lingering on for years now and the anger has mounted. We will return with some information about why we have detected that Steve Harvey is doing this for more than just making her miserable. We have found its much deeper than we expect.

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5 Responses to “Steve Harvey Has Ex Wife Mary Harvey Arrested AGAIN To Allegedly Keep Her Away from Son [VIDEO]”

  1. Mimi says:

    Steve Harvey is obnoxious and always got that vibe from him that he hates women. He is a phony and I would shun him if I ever met him at a Christian event. What did he think he was trying to accomplish by having his ex-wife arrested in front of his son? What kind of strings did he pull to have her characterized as “crazy”. If he is Christian, why is he divorced? Why is he so low down and shady? This man doesn’t belong anywhere near a church.

    Why do we as black people get so crazy over fame? We should ignore Steve Harvey because he is one of the worst the world has to offer. He is foul-mouthed, gives bad advice, immature, disrespectful to women, fake christian. We black people are to blame. You don’t let a snake into your home.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Yep, he’s as slippery and slick as they come. We can’t believe he is still keeping this going. Well, we think we know so stay tuned on this one.

  3. Shawn says:

    In your exclusive interview with Ms. Mary in February, she says she never received any court papers. In this video conversation she says she received papers with flowers and chocolate. Which is it? Something just doesn’t seem right. Her interviews are contradictory. There are numerous articles and videos and they all say something different. i.e. She said she has 2 children, Steven and Wynton now there’s a third child Davidl I’m so confused.

  4. IF you are truely a Christian (Christ like) you would ask “what would God do” before doing or saying certain things….Ms. Mary a mother will always be the mother of her children–no one can take that away….and in this case you have to know when to step back and allow God to fight the battle because it is obvious you nor “saint” Steve are doing a good job….children should never have to be in the middle of grown folk BULL%$#@! When they are no longer under the rule and dictatorship of their father they will come to you!

  5. AT2W Staff says:

    In our interview with Mary Harvey, we asked her about a court date that was stated in the news for early February. This is why we wanted an interview with her because we wanted to know what happened at that one. She stated she was never summoned or asked to appear, so she did not go. Then right after we submitted the interview on our site, we heard news of the Valentine’s Day gag order. This one was a reminder to be in court on March 10th. She does have two sons, Steven from her first marriage and Wynton, from her marriage with Steve Harvey. We cannot confirm another son named David which could be a godson or play son. We have to remember, this recent conversation was with her friend on the phone was made public and it was very personable. Those are the facts as we know it and what we could gather from our interview and news online. It does seem very confusing. It’s such an outrageous circle of events, that much of it may appear unbelievable. But one thing is for sure, she’s mad as fire and something is going on and Steve Harvey has his part in it. It appears she just wants to live her life and he’s creating road blocks for her which we feel he should have settled years ago. Again, this is what information is out there. Of course, we all do not know every detail of this saga.

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