Satanic Illuminati: Didn’t Gospel Artist John P. Kee Pray About “Yes We Can”, First?

When you listen to John P. Kee’s version of “Yes We Can”, you have got to wonder as a man of God didn’t he sense an alleged demonic spirit behind the words of the song?   Allegedly, when you back mask “Yes We Can”, it repeats, “Thank you Satan”.   Now, it is easy for anyone to not know, but when you are truly called by God, you will sense an evil spirit in anything that may come in your presence.  Why?   Because when you are a child of God, you know God’s Word says to try and test every spirit to see if they are of God.  Pastor John P. Kee maybe a gospel music artist, but he is also a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  John P. Kee is a pastor, you can see his New Life Fellowship website here.  Now, at the end of this article, we want you to just listen to both of these videos and tell us what you think.

We assume a lot of gospel music artists who become pastors or evangelists forget they should discern each and every spirit before collaborating with secular artists or even re-composing their songs.   Gospel artists who become ministers forget, you are no longer just creating gospel songs for the Lord, but you should listen to the voice of God deep within your soul to choose what songs you will produce, even better just create your own songs, because there are alleged demonic spirits behind a lot of the music…Read full article here.


Source: Repent Gospel Artist

photo courtesy: New Life Fellowship