Al Sharpton’s Employee Tony Wafford Court Ordered to Pay $60,000 in Sexual Harassment Case

 Tony WaffordAl Sharpton’s Employee Tony Wafford Court Ordered to Pay $60,000 in Sexual Harassment Case

Thanks to Mr. Mo’Kelly and his diligent work on covering this case for us.

Here’s a full report and an EXCLUSIVE from The Mo’Kelly Report:

Tony Wafford of the National Action Network (NAN) will have to pony up $60,000 for his part in the sexual harassment of former employee Sharon Song Byrd while they worked together as part of the NAN sister organization, Palms Residential Care Facility.

Pursuant to the original verdict, NAN announced that Wafford would be taking a leave of absence and Sharpton questioned the motives of Song Byrd, intimating that the plaintiff was trying to shakedown NAN.

Mo’Kelly spoke with Song Byrd’s attorney Jeffrey Cowan earlier today and he offered the following:

“Although we were hoping the judgment would have been more substantial, we are pleased that the judge recognized the real abuse my client suffered. The most important thing is that the judge sends a message that can’t be ignored. If you commit a civil rights violation, you can be held responsible for your actions.”

Cowan also indicated that he will be filing a motion for Wafford to pay for all of Song Byrd’s legal fees, which will be both extensive and expensive given the 2.5 years the case has been in existence.  The $60,000 will likely grow exponentially in nature with a solid judgment to undergird it.

No word from NAN on this latest announcement, but the information has been forwarded to NAN spokeswoman Rachel Noerdlinger for comment.

Here are the documents to view

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