A Woman Says Prosperity Gospel Almost Ruined Her Life

Shatoyia Bradley

Originally posted on Dec. 15, 2010

Shatoyia Bradley of Honolulu, Hawaii claims prosperity gospel almost ruined her life. On this following video she says that when she and her husband, Nathaniel were both a part of a mega ministry, they gave, even when they did not have any money to give and sometimes, their bank accounts were overdrawn.

Shatoyia Bradley claims by she and her husband making a vow to just only seek God, instead of wealth, this is what saved their lives from being ruined.  She claims they both were misled to believe if they gave, God would give them wealth and did not receive the abundance they were expecting.

Watch video here.

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13 Responses to “A Woman Says Prosperity Gospel Almost Ruined Her Life”

  1. GraceAMEN says:

    The Prosperity Gospel is only tricking people who are ignorant and unlearned in the bible. Our New Covenant free promises according to Romans 8:32 God and Jesus freely gives us all things.

    Many Christians are feeding off of second hand information and failing to reading from Genesis to Revelation for themselves. One key thing to understand the difference in the Old Covenant of Law and the New Covenant of Grace, Who Jesus was addressing (Jews under the law before he died & Rose again, or afterward when the New Covenant of Grace began.

    Matthew 5:17 ..Iam not come to destroy the law but to FULFILL IT (note that last part.

    Jesus fulfilled the law because we couldn’t. He went beyond the law and counts the thought life as the same as our actions. Jesus said To even look at a woman and lust is counted as commit adultery

    We now have the better covenant which is not the outward law (613 Mosaic laws) we have Grace(free unmerited favor).

    Galatians 3:13 “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by being curse for us on the tree verse 14 so that the blessings of Abraham come to us by Jesus Christ and faith in the promise of the Spirit (not by paying money for it). Next time some Pastor twisting scriptures quote Malachi 3 to declare you are cursed for not paying God ten percent in money, remember this verse in Gal.3:13-14 You cannot be cursed and redeemed from the curse at the same time! WAKE UP!

    Acts 13:39.. And by Him (Jesus) everyone that believe is freed from all things by which you could not be freed by keeping the law of Moses.

    Romans 8:3 what the law could not IN THAT IT WAS WEAK God did by sending His own Son”

    Hebrews 8:7 “If that first Covenant had been faultless there would have been no need for a second”

    Galatians 2:21 I do not void the grace of God for if righteousness comes by the law, Christ died in vain.


  2. GraceAMEN says:

    The New Covenant of Grace and faith in the payment Jesus made for you is better than the Old Covenant of 24/7 Laws.

    The Israelites under the Old Covenant had the law and rituals to keep around the clock (613 Mosaic laws). It was a works based Covenant.

    Jesus died so we could have Grace along with the Infilling of the Holy Spirit. He gives us power. He leads and guides us into all truth.

    The law only pointed out our failure to keep it. Only Jesus kept the law to perfection for us.

    Romans 3:20 By deeds of the law there shall no one be justified in His sight by the law we are made aware of our sin.

    Example: The law says don’t text and drive, you are on the phone and notice a law Officer behind you so you only stopped out of fear of a penalty,not because you desired to do right in your heart. Jesus changes you inwardly not the Holy Spirit. Jews under the law did not have the better Covenant. Everything from Genesis to Revelation point to Jesus the Messiah and his payment is why you can call on his name and God will freely give you all things Romans 8:32 no ten percent required. Give and stop paying for your free daily grace period!

  3. GraceAMEN says:

    Correction I typed not by mistake. I meant to say Jesus changes you inwardly by the Holy Spirit. This is why we have the Better Covenant than the Old Covenant of laws. The Holy Spirit can guide you in your giving money to your church. To give to an apostate, lukewarm church twisting Gods word is sin!

  4. Exactly! We have to be careful whom we follow and sow seeds to. Thanks for commenting!

  5. That’s exactly how we feel. We must open our eyes in seeing prosperity ministries are in it for themselves. Thanks for commenting!

  6. April says:

    Most of all, didn’t the Lord say to seek Him first the kingdom of God and ALL His righteousness and all these thing shall be added to you. Instead of us seeking His face, we seek His hand and that’s the problem. His word says that, “his people perish for a lack of knowledge,” and we also forget that He sits high and looks low. He has a plan for each and everyone of his children. Financial prosperity may not be one of them, but He shall supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. We also ask God for money and materialistic things, however, we are not a good steward over what He has entrusted to us already. Don’t get me wrong because I have always wanted the finer things in life, but I would not have been able to handle it. I have grown so that I would rather God’s favor than money. His favor can get you things and places where money can’t.

  7. The Prophet. says:

    @GraceAmen yes the scripture says he freely gives us all things but all things will not be given to us living any and any old kind of way. Now I don’t know these individuals or the intricate details of what’s going on in their lives but one thing I do know is that the word works and if it’s not working then we need to check ourselves. I can give you a laundry list of reasons why they may not have seen the results they should’ve seen but I’ll give these 4 reason.

    1.) THE WORD CLEARLY CLEARLY SAYS 2 Corinthians 9:4:7 “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver”

    Here the Father is telling you not to give out of necessity so why are these people giving to the point that their account is being overdrawn. Clearly they were not reading the word nor did they have knowledge of the word.

    Seems like these people were victims of a lack of knowledge of the scriptures and a lack of Wisdom. James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

    2.) Their “Love Walk”. Matthew 22:37-40 says “37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment.39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

    Walking in love is something that is grossly missing in the body of Christ today. Most people think they are walking in love and they are NOT just put them in the right situation and you will see who they are FOR REAL. This kind of love that Jesus is referring to is usually not convenient for you because the flesh usually likes to have it’s own way and according to the scripture above in verse 40 all the laws, principles including sowing seeds hangs on that “Love Law”

    If your Love Walk is not on point then like the Italian New Yorkers say “Forget About It”

    Walking in Love is not an “OPTION” for the believer IT IS A COMMAND.

    3.) “Listening to the Spirit”- Do they listen to the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is a very intelligent being. Again many believers do not have a developed relationship with the Holy Spirit. They think the Holy spirit is only for Sundays to get them emotionalized to run around the church like 20 times and then fall out with spit coming out their mouth (Which does not come from him at all this is simply emotionalism at it’s finest).

    There is no way that the Spirit is going to tell you to give more than what you have knowing that your bank account will be over drawn. I personally in the past not now but in the past. There were times when I wanted to give a little more and you know what the Holy Spirit would tell me on many occasions. He would say to me. “KEEP YOUR MONEY” and give the amount that I tell you to give because he knew that I needed what I had at the moment and yes there are times he would tell me to give more and guess what he always showed up to immediately replace what he asked me to give.

    BECAUSE I KNEW WHEN TO LISTEN. There is a time and a season to give more ad there is a time and a season to keep what you have until he increases you to be able to give more!!!

    4. Last but certainly not least. The ministry they were apart of was it good ground. Was the Pastor walking in integrity. You see these are things that you will only find out when you read the word daily and go further in depth as you study the scriptures on a regular basis and when you have a proper relationship with the Holy Spirit. He knows how to QUICKLY inform you that something is clearly not right and to get out of that Church and ministry.

    Last but not least what believers in the body need to realize is that in order to experience real prosperity they must first focus and get proactive about seeking PROSPERITY in the SOUL. If you are not prosperous in your soul according to 3 John 1:1 then their will always be struggles and failure in other areas of your life.

  8. AT2W Staff says:

    Thank you for this its very informative.

  9. AT2W Staff says:

    Again you have given us more to learn from. If many of us follow the scriptures, we will do much better and not be manipulated by anyone. thanks again

  10. AT2W Staff says:

    No problem! Preach on!

  11. AT2W Staff says:

    Prophet, you know you have told it all. God Bless you!

  12. Jay White says:

    How many times have we seen this, a church intives someone in to talk about a great financial investment only to hear about that same church being sued after the members lost everything, Jesus said how hard it would be for rich people to get into heaven, he didnt say it was impossible but very very difficult. Jesus understood what wealth does to so many people, it gives them a state of mind that they answer to no one which results in pride, arrogance, selfeshness, and allows them to live in a world where money is their security until they get a cancer diagnosis or lose someone they truly loved then SOMETIMES humility kicks in and gives them a reality check and then they realize there’s someone bigger than themselves. The church today has become so worldly that you don’t know if you’re at church or a financial seminar, and to tell people that they will be cursed if they don’t give 10 percent off the top makes my blood boil, either Christ paid it ALL or he didnt pay any, the tithe was always about agriculture and there was more than one, so many christians are dying financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically because they do not read the bible for themselves and believe EVERY SINGLE WORD that a pastor says, listen to me, WHEN YOU ARE GIVING PART OF YOUR RENT, MORTAGE, UTILITIES,CAR PAYMENT OR ANYTHING ELSE JUST TO COVER YOUR TITHES, THAT IS NOT GOD!!!!! I could go all day with people about what Abraham “tithed” to Melchiezedek, you will always have a group of people that want to believe that they will be cursed if they don’t come up off of the 10% not realizing that God wants you to be a good stewart of your home first, how can i ask for an apartment or home but the tithe takes money from either based on what I earn, i signed a 6-12 month lease but every month I’m short on my rent because I need to pay my tithes?? how long would I have that apartment before being evicted, this is what happend to my friend and because he believed what he was being told that you pay God before you pay ANYBODY else, it cost him having a place to stay. Most pastors don’t know or don’t want to know of any other way to keep a church open other than tithes and it breaks my heart to know that people are questioning their salvation because they decided to pay their rent in full as oppossed to paying their tithes, the bible says “let each man give as he purposes in his heart, not with a grudge, NOT UNDER COMPULSION, for God loves a cheerful giver. If you’ve never heard any of these pastors talk about the prosperity message I can tell you that it is absolutley captivating to so many people that it causes them to give money in a frenzy believing that God is getting ready to “blow their minds” as a lot of the pastors like to say, God is so so merciful, so very merciful and he understands that so many of his followers are just learning about the bible and are giving their money in ignorance but eventually the bible also says that by now you should know better. I am actually not against tithing but to tell your church that you give 10% off the top before you pay anyone else and if you miss paying one week then you pay double on your next paycheck??? this is what’s being taught folks.The tithe should be a an OPTIONAL standard for someone, not the mandatory message that’s being preached with you being cursed by God himself because you decided to get that prescription filled?The average american Christian has not even the basic knowledge of the jewish traditions and customs from Jesus’s day and in the black church it’s even worse because theres so much more emotionalism along with these same people of color wanting and needing more M O N E Y!!! I asked God to show me the truth about giving and what he has shown me has transformed my life, the bible says that there is only going to be a remant church and that MANY are going to led astray because of MANY false prophets, look 4 more of this to happen to many more people.

  13. AT2W Staff says:

    Wow, thanks Jay for your comments. You have given some good information about how we need to be very careful who we worship and who we tithe to. We have to remember that God never told us to give blindly because even a man of God says so. We must give according to our hearts and not hopes for riches.

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