Pastor Paula White To Speak Sunday And Address The Future of Zachery Tims’ Church

Pastor Paula White To Speak Sunday And Address The Future of Zachery Tims’ Church

This is a very timely report considering the mother of Zachery Tims, Madeline Tims has been in New York putting out restraining orders and lawsuits to keep Tims’ followers around the world from knowing exactly what was the cause of his death. We shall see soon enough what this meeting entails for the future of New Destiny Church.

Report from Christian Post on special meeting with Paula White:

New Destiny Christian Center has announced that Paula White, pastor of Without Walls International Church, will be in attendance at a special “moving forward” service at the Florida megachurch founded by the late Zachery Tims.

In an email sent to followers Wednesday evening, NDCC revealed that White would be a part of its 6:30 p.m. service Sunday.

The announcement read:

“Continue to grow with us as we move forward! Don’t miss this important service w/ Pastor Paula White… This service will address the prominent future of New Destiny Christian Center and what to look forward to in the upcoming months.”

During the first Sunday service after Tims’ burial that the preacher, whom she considered her “spiritual son,” Pastor Paula White said:

“New Destiny, it’s not just about you any longer. It’s about the nation watching you. It’s about how you are going to respond, about what you are going to do.”

Well, it seems as though we may get some information on possibly who may be leading the church. We will report back with the details from the special meeting on Sunday evening.


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2 Responses to “Pastor Paula White To Speak Sunday And Address The Future of Zachery Tims’ Church”

  1. The Prophet. says:

    Speak saying what!!! This woman needs to go sit her tail down and stop spreading her foul familiar spirits to the masses!!!

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    We are not very sure but we are supposed to hear some news about the future of the church. We shall see.

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