Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray Denies She was Married to Man During Her Disappearance

Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray Denies She was Married to Man During Her Disappearance

We can’t get a grip on this story yet but all we do know is the man Chioma Gray disappeared with was charged with child stealing and having unlawful sex with her before she disappeared.

The lawyer representing Andrew Joshua Tafoya, who returned to California this week along with a 19-year-old Ventura girl who disappeared nearly four years ago, said he thinks the pair got married in Mexico.

Ventura attorney Tim Quinn said Thursday he understood that his client and Chioma Gray were married and that she wants to be with him. Quinn said he had not verified the marriage.

M. Cristina Armenta, an attorney representing Gray’s family, said the teenager denied being married when asked by a family member.

On Thursday, Gray spent time with her family a day after returning from Mexico. Francine Black, Gray’s mother, said her daughter’s first day at home was perfect. Black said Gray spent the day reminiscing with her siblings, seeing visitors and learning about her family’s efforts to find her.

“It feels like she never left,” Black said. “She is so happy and content.”

“She couldn’t believe it,” Black said. “It sort of made me feel like she was under the impression that we were not looking.”

Tafoya, 24, made his first appearance in Ventura County Superior Court. His arraignment on charges of felony child stealing and a felony probation violation was postponed to Tuesday.

Quinn said the probation violation allegation relates to an earlier case in which Tafoya was charged with unlawful sex with a minor, Gray, who was 14 at the time. The relationship was consensual, Quinn added.

The young girl may have wanted to be with him but was she possibly tricked into going with him? Was she running from something at home? We do not have the answers to those questions yet. But we will keep you posted.

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