Exonerated Death Row Inmates Found Innocent After Executed [Part 2]

Exonerated Death Row Inmates Found Innocent After Executed [Part 2]


Thanks to Atlanta Post for providing this information.

Thomas Griffin and Meeks Griffin

Tom Joyner,

Radio host Tom Joyner won pardons for these distant ancestors who were executed for a murder they didn’t commit. Thomas Griffin and Meeks Griffin were landowners who were accused of murdering an elderly Confederate veteran in 1913 based solely on the testimony of one man who was a known criminal. Joyner cleared their names in 2009.


Gary Graham

Garry Graham

Graham was executed in 2000 after 19 years on death row. In a case eerily similar to that of Troy Davis, Graham’s execution was also delayed for three hours for a last-second appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for clemency, which was denied. Despite 33 reviews of his case, Graham could not escape his sentence. Yet, the only evidence against him was the testimony of one person “who said she saw the killer’s face for a few seconds through her car windshield, from a distance of 30-40 feet away” (Deathpenaltyinfo.org). His life was taken at 36.


Cameron Todd Willingham

Cameron Todd Willingham

Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted of intentionally murdering his three children through three fires he allegedly set in their home. Despite the fact that experts later testified that the original evidence of arson was incorrectly assessed, his appeals were denied. He was executed in 2004, after which his cased continued to be explored by forensics experts. These scientists have underscored that there is no evidence that Willingham committed this crime, or that the fires were started by him.


Thanks again to Atlanta Post for the information and photos.

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4 Responses to “Exonerated Death Row Inmates Found Innocent After Executed [Part 2]”

  1. Mimi says:

    Is there any wonder why there is gender confusion, homosexuality, vulgarity in music and the arts?

    God hates the shedding of innocent blood. America likes to think of itself, hypocritically of course, as a Christian nation. Yet, when these executions occur on such flimsy evidence, these men are being sacrificed to America’s little gods of:

    Racism, Greed, Arrogance and Corruption.

    Thou Shalt Not Kill, esp. the innocent.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Yes, our dear sister. It is so sad one of the death row inmates was a woman. This nation is in so much trouble, because they are paying for shedding innocent blood. It is time for America to repent and get right with God, because all of those lives they took was an example of this country’s wickedness. God loved those inmates more than anyone and because facts were ignored, we are witnessing God’s wrath on America as of right now.

  3. Mimi says:

    Amen, AT2W staff.

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