Toxicology Results for Zachery Tims Delayed Due to Family Concerns

Toxicology Results for Zachery Tims Delayed Due to Family Concerns

UPDATE on Sept. 30th at 7:45 pm:

Thanks to our friends at Hinterland Gazette, they made some calls as well and received this information:

The toxicology results for the late Pastor Zachery Tims have been delayed again. We just spoke with Ellen Borakove, director of Public Affairs at the New York Chief Medical Examiner’s office, who said the “family has some concerns” and the delay is now due to that.

We were told we would receive a phone call once the matter has been resolved and the ME is ready to release the results. [Source]

AT2W has been doing some investigating of our own. We wanted to know more about the hotel he was staying in and information regarding surveillance photos and footage in the hotel and his cell phone records. Investigators stated after they found a baggy of an alleged narcotic in Zachery Tims’ pocket, they would be looking into these records to find out more of what happened days up to his death.

We contacted the NY Police Dept. about these records but never received a return call.

We contacted the “W” Hotel that Pastor Zachery Tims was occupying at the time of his death. We were able to confirm that Tims was in room 3711. We were also able to confirm that there are suites that have adjoining doors to rooms next to one another. The staff at the “W” Hotel would not confirm if Zachery Tims’ room had adjoining doors to a room next to it. This would explain if possibly access to Zachery Tims’ room was made from another door.

Also, we were informed that the “W” Hotel does not have security cameras on every floor but do have them on some floors. They were not able to confirm if security cameras are on the floor for Tims’ room 3711. This did not give us any information on possible surveillance footage of who came in and out of his room up until his death.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get any new or helpful information in the investigation of Pastor Zachery Tims’ death.

AT2W will keep you updated with any new information.