Exonerated Death Row Inmates Found Innocent After Executed [Part 1]

Exonerated Death Row Inmates Found Innocent After Executed [Part 1]

Thanks to the Atlanta Post for this information on those men, including one woman who were truly innocent of an accused crime but is now dead due to the death penalty law.

Larry Griffin Exonerated After Execution

Griffin was executed by lethal injection in 1995 for the 1980 murder of Quenton Moss, a drug dealer in St. Louis. Griffin was convicted and received the death sentence based mainly on the testimony of a career criminal, Robert Fitzgerald, who later admitted to committing the crime himself. Fitzgerald also stated that the police pressured him into accusing Griffin. Griffin, like Troy Davis, maintained his innocence until the end.


David Wayne Spence

David Wayne Spence Exonerated After Execution

“Any intelligent person who takes a close and honest look at the case will  see that it was a travesty,” The New York Times reported in 1997. Spence was convicted of murdering three teenagers in Texas in 1982 based on what many now believe were fabricated accounts by jail house stool pigeons eager for early release. He was executed by lethal injection, despite the fact that abundant physical evidence was found at the scene of the crime — and none of it matched Spence.


Leo Jones

Leo Jones

Leo Jones Exonerated After Execution

Leo Jones was convicted of murdering a police officer in Florida in 1981 and was executed in 1998. He originally confessed to the crime, but later stated that his admission was coerced — with evidence pointing to the possibility that torture was used to extract a false guilty plea. Despite the fact that over 12 people fingered another man as the killer, Jones was electrocuted despite a plea to retry his case.

Stay tuned for several others of our brothers and a sister whom were innocent but our justice system ‘killed’ them off.