Dr. Fred Price: Why Would He Say ‘Jesus Christ Committed Suicide?’

We wanted to thank one of our faithful readers, Pastor Black for giving us a heads up about a sermon of televangelist Dr. Fred Price of the Faith Dome in Los Angeles, CA. These are the type of stories in which we all need to pay careful attention. The bible spoke about false doctrines and those who will follow this nonsense. As reported, near the end of August, Dr. Price spoke one Sunday on how Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Now, by the title, you already know exactly what he stated about Jesus’ death on Calvary. But why would he state such an absolutely absurd and frankly insane statement?

We know only a false prophet could stir up some hell with something like this. To be honest with you, just hearing his statement brought chills up and down our backs and we were really afraid for his soul.

So we did some research and found a video of a man, CRoadWarrior on Youtube who critiqued Dr. Price’s statement. It was a breakdown of a Sunday after the initial sermon on ‘Jesus committed suicide’ was made. This sermon that the Youtuber critiqued was Dr. Price’s response to a letter he received concerning the sermon on Jesus.  The person whom wrote the letter stated they were astounded by his statement and they did not agree. Also, the person in the letter mentioned they were very disturbed along with others from the church as well.

CRoadWarrior’s critique played clips of Dr. Price actually asking anyone in his church to stand if they did not agree with what he said about Jesus committing suicide. There were only two brave souls that stood up in the congregation as other church members whispered and laughed at them.

While we agree with CRoadWarrior’s comments that Dr. Price was using an intimidation tactic at this time, Dr. Price goes on to do more control damage. As Dr. Price states in the letter that the person spent most of their day ‘correcting people’ on this issue, Dr. Price arrogantly fired back:

“Who are you who is not qualified, try to correct me… Who do you think you are?”

He went on to state they were not qualified to show others correction and that they should have come to speak with him. Firstly, Dr. Price has one of the largest mega churches in L.A. and no one can just ‘make an appointment’ and see him, so he simply states. He knows most members will never even speak to him at all due to the massive congregation.

Dr. Price goes on to state this person is spreading dissension but we agree with CRoadWarrior when he commented ‘people must be uncomfortable coming to Dr. Price’ if they have to write a letter in the first place.

Though Dr. Fred Price says people don’t understand the word suicide and consults his trusty Webster dictionary (not the bible) to define it. But ‘if he teaches Jesus committed suicide, then people may commit suicide’, say CDRoadWarrior; and we agree.

So, Dr. Price tries to explain his crude statement by saying: “Jesus (the God Man) died spiritually”. This is absolutely outrageous and not biblical. If Jesus died ‘spiritually’, then what are we doing here? If Jesus died in the spirit, then there is no point of heaven and hell, good or bad and we are worshiping a truly dead God. And this is not true, of course. We agree with the Youtuber when he stated “Jesus died by homicide (those that put him on the cross) not suicide” and it was His “voluntary self-sacrifice not suicide” to save the world.

Dr. Price is showing himself as not correctable nor teachable by also saying the author of the letter is wrong and trying to take down his ministry. He will remain lost along with the rest of his following congregation. But it does not have to be this way. If Dr. Price just comes down off the high horse, take correction accordingly and teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ, he, his church and his followers can live by the truth.

CRoadWarrior says “we are all children of God and can question things as God leads us to do so.”

For the bible states in Acts 17:11:

“Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.”

Dr. Price and many other false prophets need to take heed to the truth and not make up prophesies and doctrines to entertain and mesmerize their churches.

The bible is very clear when it states: “Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer knows how to take warning.” (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

We want to pray for Dr. Price and a restoration of his ministry that is leading people to hell. We pray for all the people who follow him that they discern the spirits of their leaders and pastors and consult the bible intently to learn the truth.

It is a travesty if people only take man for his word, when God sacrificed his only son Jesus to save us from our sins so we would not have to believe man alone.

We are grateful that Jesus died within the will of God and rose again on the third day to show us He has all power. No God like this could ever commit suicide and demoralize the word of God.

Watch the 1 hour long video for yourself and be enlightened.