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COGIC Chronicles: Bishop Charles Brown Reaches Out To Woman on Facebook Whom He Sexually Assaulted 23 Yrs Ago

Bishope Charles BrownCOGIC Chronicles: Bishop Charles Brown Reaches Out To Woman on Facebook Whom He Sexually Assaulted 23 Yrs Ago

The indiscretions of many COGIC pastors and bishops continue to be exposed to the world. God will continue to expose these wolves in sheep’s clothing until they are all put to shame.

Read the report and see our concluding thoughts at the bottom:

The spiritual head of a local Pentecostal denomination has been arrested and booked with sexual battery on a teenage girl more than 23 years ago. New Orleans court records show that Bishop Charles E. Brown, 58, was released on $25,000 bond.

Brown, who since Hurricane Katrina has divided his time between New Orleans and Houston, is the jurisdictional bishop for Greater New Orleans in the Church of God in Christ, a Pentecostal denomination with headquarters in Memphis. He is also pastor of a local congregation, Full Gospel Church of God in Christ.

Brown was arrested June 28, according to police records.

Several attempts to contact Brown at his home in Houston were unsuccessful. Court records did not list a lawyer. And denominational officials in Los Angeles and Lafayette who would know about the arrest either were unavailable or did not respond to an inquiry. (No surprise)

A police affidavit supporting the arrest warrant said an unidentified 39-year-old woman called the department’s child abuse unit in March to report that Brown molested her between the ages of 14 and 16.

The woman said at the time Brown was her aunt’s boyfriend, and the acts occurred at his home.

She told police Brown recently reached out and asked to “friend” her on Facebook.  She told him she knew him to be an abuser and decided then to go to the police, the affidavit said.

Brown originally was arrested and booked with aggravated rape. But Magistrate Commissioner Harry Cantrell said the specific facts alleged by the woman supported only the lesser accusation of sexual battery.

It is not clear whether the district attorney’s office plans to pursue charges. Chris Bowman, a spokesman for Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, said the case is being screened for possible prosecution.

A police spokeswoman said Brown turned himself in.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Brown’s church on North Claiborne Avenue and scattered much of his congregation.

The church’s website says Brown, who now lives in Houston, is the pastor of two churches there and a local congregation now meeting on Spain Street on in New Orleans. [Source]

AT2W’s Take: We assume Bishop Brown thought he had gotten away with his dirty deed. After all, its been 23 years and the woman has probably moved on. The good bishop thought he could torment her once more by contacting her on Facebook like nothing happened. He’s the lowest of the low and we are so happy this woman reported him. Apparently she had moved on, but when a predator is brazen enough to come back into your life after all those years, he deserves every bit of hell he gets.

Its bad enough these COGIC men who prey on their congregation sexually and get away with it, (thanks to the presiding bishop), but he thought he was above the law because of his protective shelter under COGIC.

Thank God for her boldness and showing him he’s not above God.