Black Father Takes Corporal Punishment to Another Level With Son [VIDEO]

Black Father Takes Corporal Punishment to Another Level With Son [VIDEO]

We wanted to thank Womanist Musings for raising the question about disciplining your child with a belt. At first, we thought from the title of the article, it was someone bashing black parents for their form of discipline. After reading it and viewing the article, it came to be very clear that this was discipline on a whole other lever.

In the video below, you will see a father rebuking his son for getting into trouble at school. The father is actually filming the child as he shaves his head and eyebrows, whoops his child with a belt and have him exercise outside in boot camp style.

At first, you think the father is doing his job as a parent and talking with his son, but when you see the belt hanging from the father’s neck as he rebukes him, you are afraid for the child yourself.

We want to say that we believe in discipline and what the bible states not to spoil the child nor spare the rod but this is abuse on every level. The father had the gall to videotape it, proves the child may harbor resentment and anger for this act for years to come.


See video below:

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