Zachery Tims: Paula White Serving As Interim Pastor While Church Searches For New Minister

Zachery Tims: Paula White Serving As Interim Pastor While Church Searches For New Minister

It appears the late Pastor Zachery Tims’ church New Destiny is moving forward and in search of a new pastor. We are not sure who they may choose and when but these steps should help the church heal from the untimely and tragic death of Tims.

Read report below:

New Destiny Christian Center ended its month of mourning Sunday, following the unexpected death of Pastor Zachery Tims Jr., on Aug. 12.

“It’s time to go forward for us at the ministry,” said Minister Samuel Anderson.

Anderson said Paula White, senior pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, is serving as interim pastor, offering the church advice and spiritual guidance. The search for Tims’ successor will begin Monday, Anderson said, but there is no time frame for how long that might take.

“We’re not trying to rush into it,” he said.

Anderson said the church had a succession plan, but it had not been updated before Tims’ unexpected death.

Tims started New Destiny in 1996 with his wife, Riva. After the couple divorced in 2009, Riva Tims started her own church. She was at New Destiny’s 9 a.m. service with her four children.

Guest Evangelist Rita Womack told the congregation of about 1,000 people that Sunday was a new day for New Destiny.

“It’s a season for celebration,” she said. “It’s a new day, a new season.”

Womack urged New Destiny’s members to stick with the church, even without Tims.

“Stay where you are planted,” she said. “I want to see this ministry continue to grow until has outgrown this building and has to move into a bigger building.” [source]

We have to mention that we watched the 9:00 service on Sunday. Even though Evangelist Womack seemed to move the crowd at New Destiny Church, she did something ungodly at the altar. When she called people up to sow a seed of $100, her eyes spotted a young man who walked up. She addressed him by stating: “Young man, are you married?” Not hearing what his response was,  she stated “He’s a cutie Pie”.  It really changed the whole mood in that place.

If they are looking for a suitable replacement, than inviting a woman who flirts with men half her age in front of the congregation, should be them back to the drawing board. After all of the hollering she did right before, proves they need help in merely inviting a guest minister.