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Two of Bishop Long’s Accusers Don’t Support Centino Kemp’s Book Nor Identify Themselves as Women

Two of Bishop Long’s Accusers Don’t Support Centino Kemp’s Book Nor Identify Themselves as Women

Well, the saga continues on but now with two accusers of Bishop Eddie Long,  Jamal and Spencer against the fifth accuser, Centino Kemp. Here’s why they are speaking out this time:

After hearing on The Ryan Report earlier today that a male reportedly involved in the Bishop Eddie Long case, Centino Kemp, had written a book titled “The First Lady,” two men who accused Long of sexual misconduct – a lawsuit that Long settled – called The Ryan Cameron Show to give their take on the unpublished work.

The two talked about what they believe to be the motive behind Kemp’s book, their mental state, why they have security for themselves and their family now and what might happen if they ever met Kemp. [Source]

Its very apparent that the Spencer and Jamal are against Centino and don’t want to have anything to do with him. They are outraged that he considers himself as a “First Lady” and they are adamant that they are not gay nor ever considered themselves as women with Eddie Long.

Here is some of what we received from the interview going against Centino Kemp and his book.

The first thing Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande wanted to clear up on the Ryan Cameron Show was:

“One- we are not gay. The anal___ never happened to us.”

Jamal Parris goes on to state “where was Centino at the church?” He claims no one has seen this kid (Centino) and if so where are the pictures? He wants to know what Centino’s purpose is for writing his book.

Ryan Cameron of the Ryan Report on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station is discussing the new book that will be released by Kemp called “First Lady”. The two accusers, Parris and LeGrande say he’s just an opportunist.

Spencer LeGrande says he doesn’t feel Centino is important nor a victim in this case. He claims due to Kemp’s image, he is not trying to help anyone with his story but its all about pure financial gain. LeGrande goes on to say he’s trying to understand what Centino is promoting: being openly gay individuals or pornography?

They both started a website called MyStolenInnocence.com (which is not available yet) and their book “Signs of a Predator” is about trying to help keep people from being a victim as they were.

Jamal states that Centino was only around in the courtroom for 45 minutes. He said he didn’t go through the pain of filing a lawsuit and making frequent trips to the hearings which was emotionally painful for all four victims.

“Who is this Kid?” Where did he come from?,” say Parris.

Jamal Parris is apparently very angry because Centino has literally insulted them by writing this book called “First Lady” because he said all four accusers gave up a lot to sue Bishop Long. He said they are not women.

Listen to the full interview by download here. If the link does not work,  please go listen at V103.