How People Are Still Moved By Gospel’s Vicki Winan’s Apology [AT2W’s Replay]

How People Are Still Moved By Gospel’s Vicki Winan’s Apology

We wanted to share this post again with our readers because so many people still contact us about how moved they are from her apology and what we had to say about it.

We have to say that it continues to bless us everyday. So if you have not read this post, we hope it blesses you and make sure to watch the video below.

Originally posted on: January 16, 2011

It’s really a wonderful thing when anyone can recognize what they do wrong in life. Whether it was their own issue or someone else: confessing to another person that you are truly sorry for any wrong you have caused, is honored by God.

This is what happened at Pastor Marvin L. Winans’ 20 year reunion of his Perfecting Praise Choir in early 2010. On a video we just saw this weekend, we witnessed God move in Gospel artist and former wife of Pastor Marvin L. Winans’, Vicki Winans. While viewing the video, we were tickled by the comical exchanges of jokes and laughter that she presented when she spoke on her memories of being a part of the praise choir 20 years ago. If you did not know just how humorous Vicki Winans really is, you have to check out some of her work. She’s hilarious to say the least.

As she brought up memories of when they were married and how he said he was called to preach, she went on with her jokes until she finally laid them aside as if to try to get away from what she really wanted to say. Moments later, she surprises everyone with her tears and apologies. Vicki Winans actually cried in front of the church she used to be the First Lady of and apologies for her wrongdoing.

It was totally unexpected but she apologizes to the whole church, her sons and most of all Pastor Marvin L. Winans. You can truly feel the move of God in her words not just because she shed tears but the humility in her voice and actions. We were just moved by her testimony of how she knows she could have done better in her marriage to him along with taking her duties as the First Lady. She seemed truly repentant of any wrongdoings she may have caused 20 years ago. You can see ho everyone in the church was moved, tearing up and shocked at her admittance.

It was just wonderful to see people of God accepting her and that after all these years of being divorced from him, she was able to humble herself and reveal some things that maybe her biggest fans may not have known about their lives. Most importantly, she showed what God can do in the hearts of any of us.

The best part of her apologetic statements were the fact the she wanted it to be known that she wanted to make things right because she wants to make it to heaven. We here at AT2W really took that statement to heart.

We always try to unveil the truth behind what we write here which can be upfront and straightforward, but we ultimately want to make it to heaven and of course anyone that we come in contact with. Vicki Winans reminded us of how very important it is to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Sometimes we hold onto things for years just because. Well, we have all been reminded that its not worth the pain and its certainly not worth going to hell for.

Yes, indeed, even not forgiving someone or yourself is unpleasing to God. He has forgiven us and thrown our sins in the sea of forgetfulness and we as people of God must do the same. We even have to forgive ourselves in order for God to be pleased and bless us with a pure and blameless heart.

We just wanted to share this with you because it is our mission to make not only the unseen be unveiled but to encourage and spread how good God is and how He can humble our hearts to forgive and be forgiven.

May God bless Vicki Winans for her stand which undoubtedly has changed so many people’s lives. We also ask you to pray for us as we do our work here at AT2W and we will do the same for you. May God move in you where you experience His refreshing wind of love and kindness so you may bless someone else.

Oh BTW, Marvin Winans called Vicki “blameless” after her apology.

God bless!

Please watch the video of Vicki Winans and her moving apology.