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Can The Game of Basketball Turn Our Teen Girls Out and Into a Life of Homosexuality?

 Can The Game of Basketball Turn Our Teen Girls Out and Into a Life of Homosexuality?

We have to speak on this subject because it has become too obvious. We are urged to do so in the wake of the senseless death of a bright young lady, Tayshana Murphy who was a basketball star at her high school but fell to her demise trying to protect her brother.

We are not trying to use this moment of her death to make mockery of her apparent lifestyle but we feel this is a time to open the discussion about how certain sport games can possibly turn our teen girls into their masculine counterparts.

What has caused us to speak on this is not her apparent tom-boyish personality and because she played basketball but the videotape of her friends on the news at her school after her death. Many of them speaking in the camera were females with an obvious ‘masculine swagger’. They were possible fellow teammates of Tayshana Murphy but were dressed down in throw backs, baseball caps, french braided hair and total boyish mannerisms.

It appeared her friends were all young, black teen lesbian girls. They even pointed out Tayshana’s girlfriend and her holding up a picture of them together. (See video below)

It’s been stated for years that the WNBA and basketball leagues for women have literally ‘turned girls/women out’ in the game. There are testimonies of women (click link) who have admitted they were not lesbian until they came to play the game as a serious sport and career. Its been reported girl’s basketball is a game as some others, that demands the female to play as hard as any man.

We are just very concerned that lesbianism appears, not only in Murphy’s case, to be a regular norm for these girls and expected of them. Of course, there are girls who are naturally athletic but when does it cross the line from the love of the sport to the love of women as well? How did basketball, for instance, turn some girls to homosexuality? Is it expected of them or is there some inside dealings and pressure to be like male basketball players?

To make this more transparent, a Louisville Coach (Coach Jaye Collins) created a special team called  Lady Legends, where rejection of homosexuality is normal.

“I started the Lady Legends program with the support of my wife, Kari, in hopes of encouraging young girls to be proud and secure in not being part of the lesbian and homosexual lifestyle which is so prevalent in woman’s/girl’s athletics,” says Collins on his web site. “Many girls, as early as middle school, are being influenced or ‘tested,’ or converted and convinced that if they play sports, specifically basketball, they must be, should be, or need to be gay.” – From Change.org

We applaud Coach Collins for what he and his wife are doing to make not only a stand to protect girls in the sport but a stand for righteousness. We are happy that someone understands the dynamics of how it all occurs.

We will be exploring this subject more clearly but we do want to leave you all with the thought that something is terribly wrong when a talented female basketball player finds herself dead protecting her brother. When did she take on the role of big brother for him?

We pray for her family and the grief they will endure due to this unnecessary incident.


NOTE: We are not ridiculing the deceased but allowing our readers to share their experiences and a voice on lesbianism and basketball.

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