Bishop Long Mysteriously Ask DA to Dismiss Charges Against Former Church Security Guard

Bishop Long Mysteriously Ask DA to Dismiss Charges Against Former Church Security Guard

We are wondering what Bishop Long is getting out of dismissing the charges against former employee Anthony Boyd accused of burglarizing the New Birth Church in 2010? Read our response at the end.

Read the report below:

Bishop Eddie Long has sent a letter to DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James requesting he dismiss burglary charges against a former security guard charged in a 2010 theft at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Anthony Boyd was accused of facilitating the burglary of roughly $100,000 in jewelry and electronics from Long’s office inside the church. Boyd’s attorney has made it clear the bishop would be called to testify.

District Attorney’s Office spokesman Erik Burton confirmed Long’s letter was received this week.

“The request is under consideration by [James],” he said.

Boyd was implicated along with two other men who would later file civil lawsuits accusing Long of sexual misconduct. Only Maurice Robinson was charged with burglary; suspect Anthony Flagg was not charged due to a lack of evidence, Burton said.

No evidence has been presented that Boyd participated in the actual theft of the missing items, which included a $35,000 Jorg Hysek diamond watch.”Basically [Robinson and his accomplice] were just trying to get evidence to further the investigation because [attorney B.J.] Bernstein said she couldn’t take on the case unless they get more evidence,” Boyd said.

This is very suspicious. When Anthony Boyd first talked with the news, he stated he did not have any money and was extremely worried about what would happen in court. The next time we saw him on the news, he arrived to a court hearing in a chauffeured limo appearing to be lased with money. Now, if you can see the pattern, why would Bishop Long let this go? Is he so tired of being in the news or would this case bring out more dirt on him? And where did Anthony Boyd  get the money to purposely flash in the cameras?

It never ceases to amaze us the mess that surrounds this Bishop and any young man connected to him.

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