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MLK’s Daughter Bernice King Stated They Had No Direct Involvement in Memorial Which Contradicts the Facts

MLK’s Daughter Bernice King Stated They Had No Direct Involvement in Memorial Which Contradicts the Facts

When we started researching more about the apparent fees that were paid to the King family involving the pursuant creation of the MLK memorial, sheer sadness fell upon us. Though the world has changed so much since Martin Luther King Jr. has passed on,  surely his legacy affects every living individual. It saddens us to have to report that the King’s children have found ways to monetarily benefit from their father’s legacy in ways that appear astronomical.

Surely, the family of Martin Luther King Jr. have to protect his name, words, image, etc and this may come at a price to others. We can see the family doing so because his name and legacy could easily be misused, compromised or disgraced. This is what we all expect; that they would care enough to keep his memory alive and in tact. But what bothers those who know what we know now is: when did it turn from protection to pure inflated capitalization and a show a pompous pride, power and control?

All we can say is we pray that their intentions are pure but it certainly looks the opposite at this time.

We found a video of Bernice King interviewed on Atlanta’s  102.5 MyPraiseATL and she reveals the family did not have any ‘direct involvement’ in the project. She stated it was her father’s fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha who started the project, she quickly stated. Then she adds in a proud tone that “there could not have been a monument of such without the blessing of the family”. Coretta Scott King was an honorary chairperson when she was alive. She only stated their involvement was the upcoming events that will be dedicated to the memorial and the man of course.

This may be true of the creation and artist selection of the project but it has now been reported that:

The builders of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial at the National Mall had to pay $761,160 for the right to use King’s words and images, according to financial documents obtained by the Associated Press. The money went to Intellectual Properties Management Inc. — a foundation controlled by King’s youngest son, Dexter. Another $71,000 was paid out in a “management fee” to the family estate back in 2003.

Yes, they have given their ‘blessing’ for the monument and they in turn have been blessed as well- $800,000 worth.

So remember that Dexter King fully controls the foundation, Intellectual Properties Management Inc. and monies received were explained as a fee and compensation for contributions to the King Center in Atlanta that might be lost in the fundraising process for the monument.

We can see now that Bernice King was not being totally honest when she stated they had no direct involvement in the project. The foundation paid them hefty fees and the financial documents have now been discovered.

We are not sure why they would need to be untruthful about fees being paid to them since they have been paid or charged fees in the past. We only know that there may be an uprising from the release of these financials. Many people whom donated to the cause along with Americans who have supported the efforts may make some noise over this.

We hope when and if the King Family address these findings, they will give America the straight and honest truth.

See video of Bernice King at this link and to fast forward to what she stated above, do so at the 2:48 mark.