Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Close is Too Close for Siblings? [AT2W Replay]

Originally posted on 11/10/2009

Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Close is Too Close for Siblings? [Replay]

Bebe and Cece Winans have been a household name for a long time especially for those who have listened to black gospel music in the 80’s and 90’s.

Actually, to be frank, they have not been just featured as ‘gospel singers’, but the ‘Winans family is greatly known all over the world, and their records have been played on many R&B, Soul and Hip Hop radio stations.

Bebe and Cece Winans have been known as the ‘cross over’ duo in gospel music and their family has prided on this forever. They were the ones who crossed over and created a “contemporary R&B sound to their music. This has given them a sort of secular image but many still honor them as traditional gospel singing groups.

Well, they are back and even though the talk has been ‘here they go again singing the world’s music’, its seems as though people seem to embrace them because of their “Jackson Family” music status in the gospel and secular arenas.  They have had many hits in the past that have attracted all groups  of people all over the world.

But isn’t there just something a little peculiar about a brother and sister ‘gospel’ singing duo who have always made hit songs that sound seductive, soothing and romantic? Ok, let me demonstrate by using some of the lyrics from a few of their hit songs:

Do you all remember the ever catching song they came out with called ” Addictive Love”?

All I wanna do is just explain
Why do we feel the way we do
What a joy to share with you
For me to live as Christ, to die is gain
Anymore I need to say, the list goes on and on all day.

I’ll cherish that moment for life
And I know it might sound crazy
It’s alright, take a seat, hold tight

Time to admit it(Time we should admit it)
I’m so addicted yea
You see he’s taken my heart and showed me the right way
No doubt about it (no doubt, no doubt, no doubt)
See I’m lost without it
You see this Love takes me higher,
I didn’t know why then
I found it was Addictive Love


How about “Lost Without You”?:

[Verse 1:]
Day by day normal reaction
You are my center attraction
Every beat my heart beats
is your soul

Through hurt and harm you’re my protection
The path I take is your direction
Cause I know with you I can’t go wrong

Ever since that day I asked you into my heart
My world has changed so promise me you’ll never part

Cause I’m lost without you


Ok, now what about their newest single, after 15 years, that they just released last week: “Close To You”. (Oh and BTW, guess who took the photos for this album cover below? READ THE STORY HERE

[Verse 1:]

‘”I just want to be close to you
Sunshine, moonlight, delight
Just a couple words describing who you are
Lovely, so lovely
Want everyone to know why I’m in love with you


Patient and strong, always
No matter what I face you’ve been there to bring me through
Just fine, (right on) on time
It took a while to see that your love was true

[Bebe & Cece:]

Now no one can (undo)

I belong (to you)
Until the end (of time)
Good to know (good to know you’re mine)
And all I want (to say)
Til my dying (dying day)
I just want to be close to you

Honest and sweet
Heaven is where i want to be
Where I am when I’m with you
Perfect, yes perfect
Is what you gave for all the world to see”

Now, it has been said and we’ll  say it if no one else will: These are not “Gospel Inspired” songs. We think in “Addictive Love” they mentioned Christ once in the song. (Though I did not list the whole song, you can check for yourself, God is only mentioned once and the other songs there is no mention of Him).

These songs that Bebe and Cece sing together have been and continue to be “romantic” inspired songs. Now, no doubt, some are really beautiful songs. We’re not knocking the fact that they can sing and hold a note, especially Bebe. But let’s face the reality of things here: WHY ARE THESE TWO MARRIED OR DIVORCED (see article on Bebe’s assault charges) GROWN SIBLINGS SINGING LOVE SONGS TOGETHER?? We’ve watched the YouTube videos on some of the songs and people have commented that they would get ‘married’ to their new hit “Close To You”. MARRIED???!! Well we guess so because that’s what it sounds like.

There’s one thing we have to point out and we might get alot of flack on this one but they seem a bit “close”. (We will only use those words here, but we think you can get my drift). If we were to sing ‘love songs’ with our brother, we do believe we would have crossed a defiled line which is truly unholy, non-biblical and just down right disgraceful. What we are trying to say is: If we are not what we portray ourselves to be, than why allow it to definitely appear this way? Why sing romantically? Why pose in photos the same way?

It just doesn’t send the right message to children or anyone. If people out there think its ok, something is wrong and seriously wrong with how we perceive right and wrong in our society.

Maybe this means absolutely nothing to some people but the fact of the matter is Bebe and Cece Winans are back on the scene after 15 years. Our society is extremely accepting of almost all behaviors and thanks to the Winans’ family, not a thing will change unless we take a stand.

Check out the video and see for yourself the romantic under tones.