Publicist Cathy Koreana White With Ties to Jay-Z, Dies at Age 28 from Aneurysm

Publicist Cathy Koreana White, Dies at Age 28 from Aneurysm

A young woman who was rumored to be tied to Jay-Z has died at only 28-years-old. Industry publicist, fitness and beauty expert, Cathy Koreana White, known as Kori to friends has passed away.

Also a fitness and beauty expert, White was a Howard University graduate, contributor to various online publications and CEO of her own public relations firm, White Label PR. The L.A. beauty battled the blogs last year after the Hollywood Street King reported that she was the mistress of Jay-Z. The rumors were sparked after she and model Claudia Jordan were allegedly spotted at Las Vegas’ Tao nightclub, sitting at a table with Jay Z and Puffy.

Friends of White have confirmed reports that White died from an aneurysm.

Its not clear what kind of aneurysm she died from, as it can develop on many parts of the body.  A website called Medical News Today , states:

“An aneurysm occurs when part of a blood vessel (artery) or cardiac chamber swells, – either the blood vessel is damaged or there is a weakness in the wall of the blood vessel. As blood pressure builds up it balloons out at its weakest point. The swelling can be quite small or very large – when large it tends to extend along the blood vessel. As the aneurysm grows there is a greater risk of rupture – this can lead to severe hemorrhage, and other complications, including sudden death.”

Reports are allegedly stating that her death could be tied to an Illuminati conspiracy but we haven’t found this to be true. In fact, no one knows this until pieces come together if being tied to Jay-Z has anything to do with it. We are not stating it is but with Beyonce’s big pregnancy announcement and this death, it was very timely.