Gospel Singer Byron Cage Records Album for False Teachings Church, Christ Universal Temple

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We found a website that featured gospel singer Byron Cage, who is known as the ‘Prince of Praise’, just recorded his 7th album. The recording of his album was not an issue for us but where he chose to record it raised red flags.

The announcement and flyer featured at Gospel Lyfe website, showed Byron Cage to have his live recording at founder Johnnie Coleman’s church, Christ Universal Temple in Chicago. Well if you do not know who Johnnie Coleman is, we will provide an excerpt from our prior article:  “Christ Universal Temple Leading Down the Same Path as Bishop Carlton Pearson?”. Also, Gospel of Inclusion’s follower Bishop Carlton Pearson was the former pastor of Christ Universal Temple and somehow their teachings along with his did not mesh- go figure.

“…Colemon was quoted in an Ebony interview that Jesus died for himself, not us…”

She teached the power of healing through universal principles and in 1974, she founded a denomination,  The Universal Foundation for Better Living, which is an international association of New Thought Teachings.

Johnnie Colemon’s belief is that there is no heaven or hell and what we make of our lives will lead us into a heaven or hell, which is very scary and confusing.   So, her explanation of where we go when we die, is simply reincarnation,  no after life, according to God’s Word.  Coleman also stated that she does not know if the crucifixion actually happened.

So, our reasoning for mentioning this is: for any man or woman of God to step foot into a place that teaches such a blasphemed doctrine, must not know the truth, right? We know that Byron Cage has Apostolic roots and he even argued with his former pastor Bishop Eddie Long about speaking in tongues which Long, at the time, did not agree was necessary. But does Byron Cage, a college educated man, not know what kind of church he actually performed for?

We just don’t understand why gospel artists will accept any gig or association with any church and not know the background of it first. Or do they know and not care? It just makes perfect Godly sense to perform around Christian Godly people in a church that upholds the true teachings of the Holy Bible and not some man-made doctrine that will lead any follower away from heaven.

This is shameful and we are looking for gospel artists to take a stand for righteousness and the true word and gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s waiting for his children to take Him seriously and frankly, we don’t know how long we have to make it right. But as long as we have breathe, we can make it right, right now!

Let us pray for Brother Cage and all gospel artists who don’t take heed to their association within a church or organization.

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  1. K Branch says:

    While I understand how this action could be confusing to some, the true purpose and mission of the “Church,” also referred to as, “The body of Christ,” is to go out into the world to preach and teach the Gospel. Although it’s often a misconception, many believe that this means confining the Gospel to Christians only. This thinking is not only incorrect, but contrary the God’s word. The Body of Christ is to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth! There is no place that the Saints of God should not be willing to go to spread the word of God! I pray that Mr. Cage continues to do what many people that claim to be Christian aren’t willing and courageous enough to do, and that is to, “Kick the gates of hell open!” My brother understands that the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force!

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