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Beyonce’ “1+1” Video: Conspiracy Theorists Say Its Illuminati Influenced [UPDATE]

Beyonce’s “1+1” Video: Conspiracy Theorists Say Its Illuminati Influenced


News reports are stating that the newly released Beyonce’ video “1+1” will give conspiracy theorists all the ammunition they need in pleading a case of her strong ties to the alleged Satan worship called the Illuminati.

Well, we wanted to take a look at the video and see just what many have already concluded about her involvement in the occult.

In summary, the video shows Beyonce’ wearing plain make up at first and posing in her nakedness from the shoulders up or wearing a see through piece of lingerie. She sings along trying to state her claim that all she needs is this person she’s so in love with:

“If I aint got nothing, I got you
If I aint got something I don’t give a damn, cause I got it with you

Cause baby we aint got nothing without love
Darling you got enough for the both of us.”

So come on baby, make love to me. (Lyrics from Direct Lyrics)

As the video rolls on, you assume that she’s speaking of some lover she’s so desperately hooked to and she wants to be intimate with him. But the ironic part is you realize that she may not be singing about a man per say.

In our opinion, from the beginning to end of the video, one can feel she’s being seduced by Satan erotically. She starts off appearing somewhat innocent but by the time you are midway through the video, her appearance is loose and seductive after the encounter by wearing heavy eye make up and camisoles while sweating and breathing rapidly.

After watching the video, you will have seen the disturbing imagery from clip to clip of alleged Satan worship. In fact, if you start and stop the video at certain points when her face is a double image, you will see the images of the Behemoth (satanic symbol for a double headed eagle), the Baphomet (a goat image that represents Satan himself.) form over and over and appearing in the middle of the scene.

Here’s a guide to go by while watching the video:

  • At 1:46- Beyonce’ image appears as the face of the alleged Baphomet.
  • At 2:25- You will see the head of the alleged Baphomet
  • At 3:27- The image of the alleged Baphomet appears as her image is doubled side by side
  • At 3:30- The image the dragon appears
  • At 3:49-3:59- You will see imagery of the alleged Baphomet over and over
  • At 4:13:- This clip shows disturbing and vivid imagery of the Baphomet in the middle of the screen lit up and her image on both sides of it as to give honor to him. Her face is shown in the background with eyes piercing through the imagery.


  • UPDATE: Nov. 21, 2011: One of our readers sent us this photo of the Baphomet in rare form from her video: They stated-

I found a really good snapshot at the 428 shot (on the Daily Motion video). Pretty scary. You can really make out the Baphomet.


The conspiracy theorists, as they call them, may have it right. Beyonce’ has not backed down on her alleged worship to the one who makes her super rich and famous.

Many fans and some Christians alike spend money to see her in concert and buy her albums. By the end of 2008, Beyonce’ allegedly made $88 million while she beat her husband Jay-Z at his $80 million for the year. One site that calculated her net worth, to be $300 million. So, as you can see, she gets paid well to allegedly worship the devil and those who invest into her talents, so to speak, are making her even richer.

Most people don’t realize that by supporting her and anyone like her is like accepting Satan for themselves. Her music and videos will transfer an alleged spirit of perversion and evil into the lives of  those who, in some ways, worship her.

No one, not even Beyonce’ is worth going to hell for.

Watch Video Here