Thank God Gospel Music Artist Keith Pringle Has Returned, But We Pray He Remains Holy

If you are a 70’s child and you were brought up on good gospel music, then you recall Minister Keith Pringle, a legend who was mentored by the late Rev. James Cleveland.   He had hits that you knew were anointed and you felt God when you listened to them: ‘Call Him Up’, When God’s Children Get Together’, ‘Perfect Peace’ and ‘No Greater Love’, so many other songs that made you feel God as the choir backed him up.   

Keith Pringle was very popular back in the day, then we as gospel music lovers began to feel sad when we felt the death of anointed gospel music, the anointing began to cease and you could not cry and praise God as the hip hop movement began to dominate the gospel music industry by the late 1980’s and early 90’s.    It was a spiritual death that took place, especially after the King of Gospel died.   The majority of the gospel music industry began to rebel against God having His way with the songs.

Keith Pringle is still dynamic, we heard snippets of his CD and felt very good by what we heard and most of all how we felt when we listened.   He still has his powerful unique voice and you can still tell there was no change in his music.   There was no secular blend, it was holy and you could praise God.   Therefore, we acknowledge if Keith Pringle remains humble and allow the Lord to use him, he then no doubt will lead others to also be holy and take over the gospel music industry.   If he is willing to be a leader…Read full article here.