Gospel Singer Cassietta George’s Nephew Speaks About Shirley Caesar’s Alleged Lesbianism and Adultery

(Note: we are not saying Shirley Caesar is gay, but only revealing Lerone Baker’s alleged confession.)  Usually, we do not go by hearsay, but after evaluating Lerone Baker’s claim, our head journalist thought it would be a good idea to feature the nephew of the late gospel legend, Cassietta George’s nephew’s video.  Also, we got a request from one of our readers to feature Lerone Baker’s claim, right here on AT2W about 2 weeks ago.   We came to an obvious conclusion, this man’s claim, regarding Shirley Caesar and her followers of the Caravans certainly reveals a lot of hurt and a lot of pain.  

 Cassietta George’s nephew who appears to be a preacher expressing what happened years ago and the things he witnessed back in the day: lesbianism, unfair treatment toward his late beloved aunt, jealousy and hypocrisy.  The late legendary Cassietta George’s nephew allegedly admits Caesar has not only had lesbian attraction, but allegedly has also been an adulteress.

One important thing we would like to mention is this, if these pastors and bishops behind the pulpit would do right, then maybe the gospel artists would not have lived hypocritical lives like them.   Although, back in the day, many of these ministers who taught the Word of God were gospel artists as it still is today in many cases.   Also, Cassietta George’s nephew speaks about how his aunt was unfairly treated and how Albertina Walker and Shirley Caesar did not honor her while she lived as the one who produced many of the songs. This all ties in with the alleged confession of Mike Howard, the famous R & B singer who said her mother, Josephine Howard, a member of the Caravans was a lesbian. Before you watch this video, you need to ask yourself, why did people just focus on the late Rev. James Cleveland personal past as an alleged in the closet homosexual, when there possibly were other ones in the gospel group, the Caravans who were into the same sort of lifestyle of homosexuality?

Many times it is a coverup. People may look at the flamboyant and effeminate ways of a man and suspect he may be gay, but never suspect the woman, regardless of how deep her voice maybe or how butch she may act.   However, in this case, you will be able think about the reality of homosexuality in the gospel music industry, in the past, present and in the future what we as saints of God can do and that is to fast and pray against the ancient demon of homosexuality that has not only destroyed many lives, but hurt a lot of people. 

Let us, as a family of God pray: Father we come together right now and bind the demon of homosexuality in the gospel music industry.  We bind the demon of lust among those who sing about your Word.  Father, hear us Lord right now, we bind this ancient demon of homosexuality and we ask you to loose these souls Father from the spirit of bondage.  Come out Devil and leave this people alone, right now.   Help these men and women who sing about you, play music for you to live a holy and righteous life.   Speak to them God and give them strength to leave homosexuality alone and conduct your music in a spirit of pure holiness and righteousness.  It’s been too long we have heard about homosexuality controlling the gospel music industry and it’s time that Satan and his demons flee and come back no more.  Leave these souls alone who have been captive for so long.   Father in the name of Jesus, we ask you to set your children free, right now in the name of Jesus.   We will not back down, but we believe you will save and deliver in the name of Jesus.  We know that Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but you said, you come that we may have life and have it more abundantly.  We thank you for Casseitta George’s nephew and we ask you to bless him right now and his ministry.  The possible hurt that he speaks about Lord, heal him from past emotional pain, in Jesus name.  Amen.

Watch Lerone Baker Preach on Video: (Lesbian/Adulteress) Shirley Caesar “Homosexual Olanda Draper And His HIV/AIDS”

Video Source: youtube.com/watch?v=Sny51w_Iico

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8 Responses to “Gospel Singer Cassietta George’s Nephew Speaks About Shirley Caesar’s Alleged Lesbianism and Adultery”

  1. Apostle Brenda Yates says:

    Before we even got to this place, THERE HAS BEEN SIN IN THE BODY OF CHRIST!!! As long as we think that it is okay with God that we live this way, well, its gonna be around for some time! People today are doing everything, all the sin that the world is doing in the name of The Lord!!! I got one thing to say: If you are operating in something or someplace that God has NOT called you to, YOU BETTER GET OUT OF IT TODAY, RIGHT NOW because God is angry about what He is seeing in the church today and He is taking them out feet first!!!

  2. Ann- Lead by Example says:

    When are we in the Christians and we members of the Body of Christ going to demand our leaders lead by example or sit down and get it together cause we understand all have sinned but it is harder to win the lost? Making excuses for bad behavior only prolongs the deliverance.

    Anyone who has ever been in a 12 Step Program for any problem will quickly learn that confession is the first step towards deliverance. Denials and excuses only prolongs the recovery. I don’t know how true only of these kinds of rumors are but I can only say if the shoe size fits your feet then wear it!

  3. Ann- Lead by Example says:

    When are those of us in the Body of Christ going to quit making excuses for our Leaders and demand them to be accountable to be a godly example and practice what they preach, sing, or shout about. If you can’t then at least get off the stage and not be in the national spot-light! If these shoes don’t fit your feet ( in other words, don’t apply to you) or don’t apply to Shirley C. then excuse me and keep on singing and Praise the Lord!

  4. Rev. M. Wade says:

    Seems to me we are forgetting that sin is sin! What about the laymen and ministers that come to church high or drunk? Do we write about them in magazines? Of course not! We want to always take on issues that are far above us! Sounds like the Pastor Baker has an Ax to grind to me!! How long has he known this? Why wait until his aunt died? I have always suspected that there was an issue with the Caravans (Ms George included) but I also know that putting in on the pages of a magazine will not stop it! I have an issue with folk who are so judgmental that they cant see the good that a person does or has done. Yes I believe in the Church and all it has done to change history, but I also know that the church is a spiritual hospital and some of us in it has issues still. If Pastor Baker is so anament now about name calling, What sin does he have hidden in his closet? (we all have one or some!) From a personal perspective, Just by looking at him, I would say he could be gay himself or a crackhead (in recovery) but of course I would be wrong too! Why? because you cant judge a book by its cover!

  5. AT2W Staff says:

    @Rev Wade, we agree with you as far as Pastor Baker and his alleged issues. We posted his information precisely for that reason. We are glad you commented on it because we are working on our 4th series of “How Gay Gospel Artists Tainted Legacy Today’s Generation”. It will reveal what we see in this subject as well. Thanks for your comment.

  6. JLM says:

    Before you go on even consider Baker’s word as truth, you should read this review.


    As a Gospel Music Historian, I’ve read Baker’s book myself, and I honestly can’t see how any person with a lick of common sense can take it’s word as truth, especially when it’s filled with so many simple grammatical errors (a proofreading session was obviously skipped) and factual errors that both amateur and expert and gospel music scholars can easily point out. I’m talking about hard, solid facts like recording dates, song names, group members, etc.. I’m not saying that the rumors about Shirley Caesar and the Caravans are true or false, but one should consider the source of information and what false things he’s said about other aspects Gospel Music History before treading on these allegations.

    For those of you who don’t know, Baker has been known for falsely claiming works as written by his Aunt, even public domain works. A Gospel Music DJ out of Philly had to recently confront him about his actions after Baker had his YouTube account deleted after Baker falsely claimed songs by people such as the late Roberta Martin as being written by Cassietta George. If that doesn’t call his character and motives into question, I don’t know what will.

  7. AT2W Staff says:

    JLM, Thanks for contacting us. We included Mr. Lerone Baker in this article about his aunt’s alleged lifestyle because we have been covering stories on gay gospels artists and in our series: “How Gay Gospel Artists Left a Tainted Legacy for Today’s Generation”. In this article we never endorsed nor agreed that his statements were valid but that there seemed to be some hostility involved.

    We posted it so our readers could see who he was and what he had to say about his alleged aunt being a part of the gospel group, The Caravans. We knew that Mr Cassietta Lerone Baker ( his name has been changed to this now), has some obvious issues, which we will not point out what has already been stated by another reader.

    We were going to add him to our series mentioned above because he is a perfect example of the ‘tainted’ result we spoke about in the articles. We now agree that it is a waste of time dealing with his alleged untruths and his apparent gossiping.

    But we truly thank you for your response and it has enlightened us. We did not (then nor now) support Mr. Cassietta Lerone Baker’s claims. It was only written for informational purposes.

  8. Darhl Davis says:

    being a woman of god i to live that life but should be done is our leaders that we hold to for the truth from gods word should tell the hole story about what god really has to say about this kind of life because their are a whole body of people out there that needs to know what god has to say and most of all let the prople know that our lord jesus died for us all the chruch only tells the half.i myself heard that the loving god that set me free was going to kill me. i have never heard one preacher say that jesus die for me too it was just whichs,demons and gays in saying that this only runs people back out into the world that they are trying to come out of please leaders talk about the saving blood of our lord and it was soilled for all and to the leaders that are living this life pray and ask and you will be set free just like i myself was set free.and thats between you and the lordand to these so called gay chruchs there not the truth they only get in the way of gods people who are looking for the truth and a way out and i say stand down and move out of gods way.this is a very strong sprit the wrold is dealing with and we as the body dont get it we all are lost i pray that the will of my lord be done in this wrold and in the chruch all of gods people are looking for is the love of god and help that the lord put in the pulpits god bless you all and sa for shirley c. even if she is gay god has set her free just like he has set me free and thats what the blood of our lord can and will do for all who ask in the sweet and holy name of jesus let us all come together as one and stop hurting each other and lets go home..

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