Steve Harvey’s Wife Steps Out At Hoodie Awards Wearing Too Revealing of a Dress

Steve Harvey’s Wife Steps Out At Hoodie Awards Wearing Too Revealing of a Dress

We knew that Steve Harvey could not be very serious when he stated his was a  born again Christian the way he has handled or not handled his divorce with ex wife Mary Harvey.

He and his wife Marjorie have tried to show an image of an ‘altogether good couple’ that are going places. Steve Harvey has tried to convince us that his present wife is such a good thing for him. Well, maybe she is in ways that should be kept private, but Steve Harvey nor his wife seem to be portraying good Christian values in the world anyhow.

We just came across photos of Steve Harvey and his wife at the 2011 Hoodie Awards that he has founded. His wife Marjorie is dressed like she’s single, available and looking as Steve holds her close to his side.

Let’s remember that Steve Harvey has been hosting the Celebration of Gospel event for over 10 years now and his gospel collegians have stated they have seen a ‘change’ in him over the years. We are not sure what change they are speaking of when he claims the worlds ways and the church at the same time. If he were really a born again Christian, there is no way he’d let his wife wear a dress of that kind.

But it seems as Steve Harvey is no different than any other ‘Hollywood Salvation’ claiming celebrity, he doesn’t need to change his ways nor his wife. The church and the gospel industry has already validated his sin whether in the world or in the church.

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