WNBA’s Former Lesbian Sheryl Swoopes Announces Wedding Engagement to a Man

WNBA’s Former Lesbian Sheryl Swoopes Announces Wedding Engagement to a Man

Three-time WNBA MVP and the first player to be signed with the league when it was created, Sheryl Swoopes has announced she’s getting married, to a man. Six years earlier, Swoopes made a much different announcement where she received a lot of media attention after coming out when she announced her relationship with then-same sex partner Alisa Scott.

So, the news of her now getting married to a man has brought up alot of speculation over her sexual orientation.

People are now stating she is “NSGAA,” or “not so gay after all,” suggesting that because Swoopes isn’t currently in a same-sex relationship, she was never “really” a lesbian or she is “no longer” a lesbian. But the fact is no one is gay from birth according to God’s design. So when people are ‘called out” or “coming out” of the homosexual lifestyle, this is God’s real design.

One reporter at Out Sports stated it perfectly:

“…It is obvious that the woman just like every other gay or lesbian man or woman in the world had at that time made a CHOICE to entertain the idea of being with someone of the same gender. Sheryl is just more proof that no one is born gay, it is a learned behavior brought on by experiences and circumstances in ones life. I am very happy for Sheryl…”

What some of people don’t realize is the WNBA is a playhouse for lesbianism. From what some have stated, even if you were never attracted to women, it was more like a culture where they expected a WNBA player to comply. There’s another woman, Camille Lenoir who told the inside story of how lesbianism in the WNBA was rampant but she got deliverance from God.

See that story at Ex Gay, God’s Way:  Lesbianism & WNBA: Camille Lenoir Tells Her Story of Change

AT2W’s Takes: We are very proud of Sheryl Swoopes and her announcement to get married. If she’s no longer a lesbian, hallelujah to her. God is pleased. We don’t like groups that judge a person just because they no longer want to be gay. The gay community is all smiles and supportive when you are a part of the lifestyle, but once you decide you are no longer happy, they condemn you for it. People get involved in lifestyles of all kinds and all they really wanted was to cover emotional pain. According to God’s word, we are created in His image not the world.

But one thing about it, these gay groups who hate ex gays are not God and if Sheryl Swoopes gave her life to Christ, then it really doesn’t matter what others think.