New Birth Guest Speaker Pastor Stephen Davis Throws Out On 5th Accuser

New Birth Guest Speaker Pastor Stephen Davis Throws Out On 5th Accuser

We took a look at the program for New Birth’s broadcast Sunday. We knew that Bishop Long has been ‘resting’ so the news and staff at New Birth have stated conveniently after the 5th accuser was exposed.

Bishop Long’s announcer comes forward and thanks God for all of the New Birth locations they have all over the country. He also prayed for Bishop Long and his family. He asked for covering over the family as they are on vacation.

In the midst of the choir singing after the offering, the audio and picture went silent and blank for several minutes which never happens on their broadcast. It almost felt like something was announced that they didn’t want the world to know about.

When the program resumes, there’s woman shouting in the microphone praying for God to cover Bishop Long and the first family while they are on vacation.   The announcer returns to state that while Bishop Long is resting, they will have a guest speaker for the service.

“While others were running away from Bishop Long , he was running towards him,” speaking of the guest speaker.

This will be the first of the “throwing out” episodes in the wake of the 5th accuser, Centino Kemp coming out according to FOX 5 News last week.

The pastor from New Birth Birmingham, Pastor Stephen Davis steps up to preach. He calls Bishop Long the ‘angel of this house’. He mentions the pressure at New Birth has been great. His sermon was about the temple being under pressure. He says people in “the church recognize the pressure and God has not removed His glory from this place (New Birth).”

Pastor Stephen Davis stated that “when you being accused in this place, I was being accused at NB Birmingham. When people wanted to interview you, they were calling me wanting to interview me.” 

Seemingly, he’s speaking about the sexual allegations against Bishop Long.

Pastor Davis appears effeminate as he walks the back and forth. His voice is pretty scaring because when he’s trying to make a point during the sermon, it gets really deep and loud which we found irritating and phony.

He states: “I am proud of being a son of Bishop Long and if people don’t like who my daddy is, then it doesn’t matter.” He stated that his attorneys are acting funny with him because Bishop Long’s name on his paper work.

Pastor Stephen Davis said he isn’t worrying about CNN reporting on his pastor and that he doesn’t care what they say about him.

“New Birth is standing in the spirit of God during adversity no matter what people are saying about you and your pastor.”

The church audience is just soaking up the performance.

Pastor Davis stated:  “people can put out more accusations I don’t care. I have nothing to use and everything to gain.”

“We are not losing but winning. We’re winning. Those last set of accusations will be broken.”

The service was expectantly cut very short as it only lasted about an hour. We are not sure why that was but they have cut down to one service supposedly until September.

As he is telling the audience to say “Oh” the crowd is chanting and as in worship for the New Birth name and Bishop Long.

This is clearly a cult and the members which seem to have returned in support of Bishop Long will forever support him no matter what.

What really gets us is:  sometimes the church doesn’t address issues directly but instead uses the pulpit as a ‘bully pulpit’ in which they ridicule and rebuke people. This never solves anything but an attempt to direct the focus off them and back onto the accuser.

Pretty pathetic, New Birth!