Dallas Ordained Minister Operating Strip Clubs Disguised as Church Ministries

Dallas Ordained Minister Operating Strip Clubs Disguised as Church Ministries

What a shame!

The City of Dallas says it has found a second business owned by a man who claims to be operating “churches” which officials say are clubs.

Even so, the owner says this is a church. The city calls it a swingers club.

But the suit alleges that this business is really called The Playground, and described as “a swingers club that is a business that caters to adults, often couples, who wish to engage in random consensual sexual activities with other adults other than their spouses.”

The city filed the lawsuit to shut down The Playground.

According to the documents, Dallas police sent undercover officers inside. They found flat screen TVs showing porn, topless female dancers, and a VIP room where customers have access to beds and condoms.

The city maintains that this is an unlicensed sexually-oriented business.

Last week, News 8 reported the city filed a lawsuit against Hudson for operating a club called The DarkSide. Hudson claims that it, too, is a church — but the city attorney and police say it’s a rave club where drugs are sold to teens.

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2 Responses to “Dallas Ordained Minister Operating Strip Clubs Disguised as Church Ministries”

  1. Gods Stewart says:

    Wow! Great job! another False Prophet bites the dust. Sorry, though, this really is the sign of the time that God’s word speaks about: Read 2nd Timothy verses 3-5. Christians should wake up, realize that FALSE prophets are active in the land. Some ( if not most )are flowing right from the pulpit ( TODAY ). The word of God, tells us to watch and pray, so that the wiles of this world might not easily sneak upon you, this is what I suggest we ALL do and Pray sincerly for this man and others like him,( who are using God as though, He rewards “SIN” of any kind.) WE ALL HAVE SOULS TO BE WON OR LOST, My Prayer is that We who know the Word of God, would begin to pray more, God needs WILLING WARRIORS who refuse to live anything other than RIGHTEOUSLY. If you are one of these Warriors then Remember, You should evaluate the person standing before you, on the Word of God, because He that hath not the Spirit of GOD is None of His. God Bless. God’s Servant for Life.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Absolutely, we have to pray that people start taking God seriously because God’s looking for those who are righteous.

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