Former New Birth Elder, Dr. Wanda Turner Fasted For a Way Out of His Ministry

Former New Birth Elder Dr Wanda Turner Fasted For a Way Out of His Ministry [VIDEO]

We were checking out some videos of Dr. Wanda Turner and found one interesting video about her time at Bishop Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. She was at Victory to Victory Church in London, England back in May.

Dr. Wanda Turner is a well known minister from the Central Valley of California. She’s been a first lady and minister all of her life. Well, after the divorce of her husband nearly 12 years ago, she’s been preaching and spreading the word all over the country and beyond.Well, Dr. Wanda A. Turner found an opportunity to be  an elder at New Birth Church back in 2006. We are not sure how her missionary experience under Bishop Eddie Long really was but we are pretty sure how it ended.

After nearly four years at New Birth, Dr. Wanda Turner was hit with shocking news of allegations against her then pastor Bishop Eddie Long and his sexual misconduct case. In the video, she explains how she was fasting over the terrible news that hit Atlanta and his church. She said she was approached by Bishop Eddie Long one day and he asked her:  “Why are you losing so much weight?”

And Dr. Turner replied angrily: “I’m fasting for you!” If you could hear her voice and see her face when she said this, you’d know the impact it had on her and what she felt about him at that point.

Dr. Turner stated he made light of it with a joke. She went on and stated how she laid in her bed crying and praying to God to send her to her next assignment. Apparently, Dr. Wanda Turner was sure her season at that church was clearly coming to an end.

Just as many things must come to an end, it would make perfect sense for him to step down for a few years and seek God. All of the scandal and events that have occurred since the settlement, will never be laid to rest if he does not step down. He’s clearly hurting many people around him and if he doesn’t have a heart for those who support him, then only God will handle him.

 To see the video at the point where she speaks about Bishop Long, you can do so by forwarding the video to 54:08 or listen to the entire sermon.

View video here

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4 Responses to “Former New Birth Elder, Dr. Wanda Turner Fasted For a Way Out of His Ministry”

  1. Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner was the wife of the late Dr. Wayne Davis who died back in the late 80′s early 90′s (can’t remember). I used to be a member of their church and it was alleged that her former husband passed from the virus as well. I remember James Cleveland visiting our church a few times, as he and pastor were very good friends. One of my then close friends told me that some gay guy confessed one Sunday at her co-workers church that he and Pastor Davis (the male one of course)had been sleeping together… Well, long story short, I had been out of church for a while and when I returned Dr. W.S. Davis was in a wheelchair in the pulpit looking very fragile and on oxygen, and died some time after that from an alleged brain tumor (the church would not disclose the real reason, they said he got sick while on a trip to Haiti). Maybe this is why Dr. Wanda was so heartbroken and wanted to leave, the sister has been through a lot down the years. Whatever the reason Dr. Wayne Davis died is really a mystery to me, and I would like to think it was what they say it was, however my spirit tells me otherwise. I really do miss him though, he was ahead of his time.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Hello dear sister, we are very sorry to get back with you on this post. Your information is very interesting, because one of our journalists suspected he died of AIDS. This is very sad that we lost a lot of ministers in the pulpit to this dreadful disease. There has been a cover up of ministers who died of AIDS for many years, all because their spouses and family members do not want anyone to know they were possibly gay. It is really sad how preachers preach against homosexuality and a lot of times, they are the ones who suffer the same disease as the gay community. Thank for all of this information and for reading AT2W. God bless and keep reading our blog.

  3. shay Heard says:

    Just because someone dies of Aid don’t mean they were gay.Drug users, blood transfusion etc.can also spread the age virus. Since no one was there and people are operating off HEARSY let them rest in peace. Belief is one thing but the FACTS is what another…

  4. AT2W Staff says:

    We agree with you but we know things behind closed doors even though we were not the ones to firstly stated he suspected the AIDS virus he may have succumbed to. It’s not hearsay when people in the church KNOW what happened. Thanks for your comment.

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