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Video: Angelica, Teenage Girl Sees Michael Jackson and Selina In Eternal Hell On Tour With Jesus Christ

This is a testimony revealed through a teenage girl name Angelica Zambrano.  When we first saw the headlines of this video, we were instantly afraid for Pastors Andre and Sandra Crouch who claimed they led Michael Jackson in prayer just days before he died, because they possibly did not forewarn him to stop singing and dancing for the world. Then, after Michael’s death, it gave us chills to think about how he was so quick to go back rehearsing on stage at the Staples center preparing for another show, after he had supposedly accepted prayer.   Another thing, when Creflo Dollar assumed Michael Jackson could be in heaven caused us to wonder what sort of ministers we have in the pulpits these days, because it was known that Michael Jackson had proceeded to prepare for his tours. 

If you have listened to the prior testimonies of the 7 youths who went to hell, you will comprehend why we stress for the church and gospel artists not to dance or even act like the world, because Jesus Christ told these youths He does not like secular dancing.   On this following video, you will hear the audio version that reveals how Jesus revealed the dancing that Michael Jackson did was actually demons doing it through him.   For fame and fortune, Michael Jackson sold his soul to the devil, according to Jesus Christ on this video.  Then, you will hear how Jesus revealed Latin singer Selena in hell who pleads for people not to sing or listen to her music, because she is tormented more when they listen and those who listen to it will come to that place, hell.  Selena was begging for mercy and Jesus told her it was too late.

Specifically, when the girl saw Michael Jackson in hell, Jesus told her to tell the people not to listen to any of his songs or else they will burn in hell.   The teenage girl also saw demons doing the same dance steps Michael Jackson used to do when he was alive while tormenting people in hell while they shouted and enjoyed the anguish enforced on the people.

Specifically, Selena was in hell singing and singing nonstop, because Jesus informed Angelica if they had not repented, they must sing forever in hell.

Before, we proceed to give you this report let us inform you, this is the very reason a lot of ministers: bishops, pastors and evangelists are in trouble with God for promoting and endorsing gospel artists who are in the hip hop industry, because the moves that they do, do not come from God. They are an imitation of Satan’s children in the world.   It is a sin to dance worldly in the church and if these gospel artists continue to yearn the wealth of the wicked, they too will be where Michael Jackson and Selena are, in hell, eternal damnation if they do not repent and stop it.   Secondly, this is the very reason why ministers are incapable of praying for the sick, raising the dead and causing miracles to occur through Jesus Christ in this age; simply because they have used the world’s music to attract more church members.  Thirdly, this is also the very reason why the churches, even the Pentecostal ones are bowing down to the homosexuals and agreeing with the gay affirming churches, because it is impossible for them to have any power to pray away same sex attractions, if they are in mutual agreement to merge and compromise gospel music with the world’s music.   Therefore, the church has come under submission to Satan and his demons because they have allowed a nightclub atmosphere in God’s House and the nightclub atmosphere is not a heavenly one, it is from the pit of hell.   If demons controlled Michael Jackson’s dance steps and Selena’s music, then the church should be very different and holy.

In conclusion, we thank God for our dear sister in Christ, Angelica Zambrano who admitted it was not just Michael Jackson and Selena in eternal hell, but also Pope John Paul II, allegedly.   She even saw little children in hell.  God is using this teenage girl in a mighty way and we pray teenagers come to Jesus Christ as well as adults through her testimony.

Angelica Testimony: MICHEAL JACKSON, SELENA and KIDS in HELL !!!

Angelica Zambrano Photo courtesy: testimoniesofheavenandhell.com

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqwgVo33dyA