Christian Rapper The Ambassador Gives Half Baked Confession to Affair on 700 Club

Christian Rapper The Ambassador Gives Half Baked Confession to Affair on 700 Club

During a recent appearance on CBN’s “700 Club,” Christian rapper and pastor William “The Ambassador” Branch and wife Michelle opened up about what he called a “non-sexual but very inappropriate relationship” that he had with another woman.

“I really didn’t tell true truth until it (the affair) was over,” the rapper and pastor said on the show.

According to a report, in May 2009, William Branch was dropped from his record label, Cross Movement Records and revealed to his fans but not to his family news of the affair. In April 2010 he released a public confession in hopes to restore and heal his family.

As far as the affair is concerned, he explained on CBN’s 700 Club the  affair began with a woman who served in his church that he often confided in because of the lack of communication between him and his wife.

“The lack of communication made me just try to communicate with somebody that it wasn’t as much work as it would have been to communicate with my wife,” said Branch.

He stated he continued to be in the company of this woman through the circle of friends they both had and as the strain of his marriage grew, he grew closer to this woman. It ultimately began to move beyond friendship. The Ambassador referred to the relationship as an “enslavement.”

“It would be these one-, two-hour rendezvous several times a week at its height.”

From the show, a reported: “Branch’s wife, Michelle, began to notice that something was wrong because of the way he would “perk up when talking about her.” The continuation of the relationship eventually led her to confront the other woman about the situation.”

We don’t quite understand, William. Was it a sexual affair or not? You stated it was ‘non-sexual’ but you called it a ‘rendezvous ‘. Which one is it? If it was just touching or just emotional, an affair that takes from your marriage is an affair at best.

See the show of William and Michelle Branch of CBN’s 700 Club on video below