Judge Mablean Says Fans Want her Back on ‘Divorce Court’

Judge Mablean Says Fans Want her Back on ‘Divorce Court’

Since the Judge Mablean Ephriam left the ‘Divorce Court’ FOX television show, many people have missed her and wanted her to return. Judge Ephriam explains what happened before she left the show:

“The truth is that Fox and I were unable to reach an agreement, after several months of negotiations. I was willing to stay. Fox was unwilling to pay,” she told reporters at the time.

Ephriam, 62,  explained that Fox offered her “substantially less than all of the other court show judges,” and although she lowered her offer in an effort to reach a settlement, Fox remained firm in its low-ball, take-or-leave it offer, “which contained a very small increase from its initial position, coupled with some other unreasonable demands” – among them, a provision that she not change her hairstyle, “to avoid time consuming issues,” the network stated in the proposed contract, from an interview with Eurweb.

She was offended and left the show as a result.

Judge Mablean Ephriam states now, she is “ready, willing and able” to negotiate with Fox to replace her replacement, Judge Lynn Toler.

“People are calling me and sending me emails asking how can they get me back on ‘Divorce Court’ and get rid of the other lady,” she said. “And I say I don’t know, but you should start a campaign and see what happens. The ratings are down right now, and I’m ready to come back if Fox is ready to have me back.”

After the show ended for her, she had to take care of her mother who passed away last year.

“I think things happen for a reason, and right in February of 06 when I went off the show, she went completely down,” Ephriam said. “I had to be there to take care of her and I’m thankful for that opportunity to have been able to take care of her. But I’m ready now.”

“I have no obligations, all my children are adults, the grandchildren are in school or about to graduate from school, I’m a single woman – so I have nothing holding me back. I’m ready to roll.”

She says all she  needs now is the petition.

It would be nice to see her back on the show. Not everyone has really took a liking to Judge Toler who appears to be star struck and arrogant.

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2 Responses to “Judge Mablean Says Fans Want her Back on ‘Divorce Court’”

  1. Martha Paskins says:

    I think that both Judge Mablean Ephriam and Judge Lynn Toler are beautiful black women that really represent the African American communiity and black women in particular. Although Judge Mablean set precedence with this show and in a great way, Judge Lynn does an exceptional job. They have their own unique way of communicating and entertaining. Judge Lynn isn’t star struck or arrogant, she is just who she is in the manner, in which she conveys her thoughts or expressions. I would love to see Judge Mablean come back on televison, perhaps in a different forum, but I definitely don’t want to see Judge Lynn leave. Much love to both of them!

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    We don’t think Judge Toler is a bad judge but yes their styles are very different.

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