Church and Pastor-Principal Christopher Waller in APS Scandal Remain Silent

Church and Pastor-Principal Christopher Waller in APS Scandal Remain Silent

Christopher Waller, who is implicated in the APS testing scandal in Atlanta has indefinitely stated he had not knowledge of cheating in his school. He also told media that he would not do this because he is a pastor. Well, we searched for info on his church and found he is Senior Pastor of the Butler Street CME Church in Atlanta.

The local news has tried to speak with ex-Principal and Pastor Christopher Waller at the church Sunday about the investigation and his alleged involvement in the country’s most widespread cheating scandal within a school district. He had no words to say except “No Comment”, just as a few of his church members at the Butler Street CME Church stated the same on Sunday afternoon. BTW, the Butler Street Church ‘s website is conveniently down at this time. In fact, Atlanta’s WSBTV Channel 2  stated none of the members of his church would speak about the allegations.

It seems pretty clear that the church members were told not to speak to the media. These allegations appear to be backed with evidence from the investigation, will be difficult to fight on the accusers’ part. We will just have to see how it all plays out.

Here’s the former superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, Beverly Hall and her statement regarding the investigation:

See document here

Also here’s the video to Pastor/Principal Christopher Waller shoving the camera out of his face from the media.

 See video here

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