Illuminati Alert: Wonder Why Fantasia’s Had So Much Trouble in Her Life?

Illuminati Alert: Wonder Why Fantasia’s Had So Much Trouble in Her Life?

While many of us supported this small town church girl turned American Idol, apparently she had a lot of family and personal issues. From nearly losing both of her homes, an affair with a married man and suicide attempt, you’d wonder why this was happening to a someone who had been blessed so much with her talents. Well, we found some pictures that may explain why she was having so much trouble. While Fantasia had the world think she was a church girl and Christian, she may have let some of those  morals and values go to the wayside when she started flashing the Illuminati signs. In the pictures below, she not only is flashing the ‘baphomet’ sign but her daughter is too! So now her baby is even cursed!

Now, we thought maybe she’s a little naive to the fact that it is an evil symbol but really- most of these Hollywood stars and entertainers know exactly what they are doing. The baphomet sign is the devils horns and it is flashed by people who are giving honor to Satan.

No wonder she had so much trouble soon after winning the American Idol title. Instead of thanking God for her success and blessings and living as God intended, she of course, got wrapped up in the occult and the enemy is taking over. So anyone of her fans that support her are allowing the enemy into their lives too. We hated to bring it out but the symbols are what they are and people better get out of it before its too late.

Let us pray for her.

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  1. don says:

    Sorry, YOU ARE WRONG, it means “I Love You”.

  2. Don, the symbol is the baphomet which is the devil’s horns. Yes, we have found that the same symbol could be used by some as ‘I Love You’ but why is it that when entertainers or others are question about it, they never mention it could be the “I love you” sign. No one seems to ever address this.

  3. Joyous1 says:

    Thank you AT2W, for exposing this. It absolutely is the baphomet sign. There is so much evidence out here to substantiate that point, that it’s not even funny. Tex Marrs book “Codex Magica”, as well as all of the pics on the Vigilant Citizen website are good places to start. If people aren’t flashing the sign, they’re taking it a step further and wearing the jewelry with the goat head on it (à la Beyonce).

    This is a serious game that people will lose their souls in hell playing, if they don’t repent.

    Keep up the good work AT2W!

  4. Thanks Joyous for the compliments. We found that these are not recent photos of Fantasia either so she’s been flashing these signs for some time now. We don’t know if people really how serious this is. Satan wants their souls and while they’re still here, they do have time to repent.

  5. reesecup says:

    I have a piece a paper that I got from a children’s coloring book, a few years ago, it posted the I love you sign and the other hand signs to make to “talk”, communicate with deaf people, it also had the deaf alphabet on their also, I kept it so that I could learn how to sign if I had the oppurtunity, you are very correct about the hand sign that fantasia and her cute little girl are throwing up, like you said she is still going to have a very hard way to go in life until she learns that she can’t be like the world.

  6. Thanks reesecup! We believe she can’t serve two masters if she’s going to be successful and without all the drama she’s been going through.

  7. WakeUpCall says:

    Wake up, people. Symbols are attributed by people to things, animals or gestures. If they have seen a sign on tv and use it doesn’t mean they know the meaning. A paper has value (money, certificate, book) only if you believe in it. A jewelry brings luck only if you believe it. A goat is an animal, not the representant of Satan. Speaking of which, I seriously doubt you could find Satan in a certain shape. Or God. In a few centuries our satan/god religion will probably be laughed at like we laugh at the sun-god. Conclusion: stop giving negative value to things and you won’t be touched by their “evil”.

  8. AT2W Staff says:

    The world has two forces and Satan is one of them. The signs and symbols mean nothing until people start using them with the intent to embrace the evil others have placed on them. But we can’t be ignorant to the fact that people know what they are doing is evil because today, many of the those signs and symbols are used to acquire mega wealth statuses in the entertainment industry. Its alive and well.

  9. Prophet says:

    The world is ignorant to the horns represented in the Bible, not once do it say that satan had horns growing out of his head.

  10. AT2W Staff says:

    Well, that’s something to research but the common image of Satan is being red, vicious looking with horns. This image was created to give Satan a look of being evil from the bible. What we are really trying to symbolize is a place called hell. The red color represents fire from hell, The horns represent the creatures in hell with gnashing teeth. So the world tried to give Satan an image for us to relate him to. The point of the article was that these entertainers have sold their souls to Satan for super duper wealth and power. They know they have to show off the symbols and signs of the Illuminati or devil worshiping society to get Satan honor. These entertainers are not making millions of dollars for nothing.

  11. GetReal says:

    It DOES NOT MEAN I LOVE YOU. It means praise satan. It’s called the Il Cornuto or Mano Cornuto(Horned hand). And you can find a picture of Anton Lavey(Founder of The Church of Satan) making the same hand gesture. True some celebs who do the gesture don’t know what it means, but the ones who’ve sold out to The Illuminati DO KNOW what it means! Don’t kid yourself. Anton Lavey was not saying “I love you” when he did it. He was saying “Praise Satan.” Truth is painful.

  12. AT2W Staff says:

    Absolutely. We had never heard anyone state the Horned hand as an “I Love you” sign”. We appreciate you adding to the discussion.

  13. Saved says:

    Sorry, it DOES NOT mean “I Love You.” It means “Praise Satan.” That’s why Anton Lavey (Founder of the Church of Satan) is doing it. WAKE UP!!!!

  14. cornelius johnson says:

    Plus the I love you sign has the thumb sticking out to form the U and clearly her thumb is not out!!!!

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