COGIC Bishop Charles Blake Endorsed Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage

COGIC Bishop Charles Blake Endorsed Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage

One of our anonymous readers contacted us and gave us some information, regarding Bishop Charles Blake, claiming that he has endorsed some sort of human rights act that is for gay marriage and he also endorsed Obama’s health care reform. Our reader was very upset, questioning the morals and values of COGIC, reminding us that COGIC is supposed to uplift holiness.  She insinuated that COGIC has turned  extremely anti christ and we fully agree with her opinion.  Also, the fact that Bishop Mason would roll over in his grave if he knew what he started has been destroyed is very true.  We agree with our anonymous reader- we cannot understand how Bishop Blake can compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ while being a leader of a supposedly righteous denomination and if this is true that he has most definitely endorsed the Faith and Human Rights Statement in 2008. After the word got out, here’s his defense for signing and endorsing the Faith and Human Rights Statement.

May God help him because God’s wrath is soon to be brought against he, his family and even those who remain in the Church of God in Christ.  This is not only upsetting to many people who grew up in the COGIC denomination, understanding what it is to be set a part from this wicked world and to be holy. Since Bishop Blake really endorsed the Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage; this upsets God.  And do you know what happens to those who upset God and do not continue to keep his Kingdom purified, they reap the consequences of His wrath.

Bishop Charles Blake has allegedly endorsed the Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage, including Obama’s health bill.   We did acknowledge he is on the board for Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, but he has allegedly endorsed sin.  But if anyone understand the faith based initiative, they’d know religious leaders are apt to become puppets for the president and new world order agendas. While the president graciously forwards millions of dollars to churches under the organization, church leaders are signing away their moral rights for money. (1 Timothy 6:5,6).

Therefore, since Bishop Charles Blake is going to support President Barack Obama to the fullest extent, he should step down as an overseer of the COGIC. It is no different if he was just a pastor. Bishop Charles Blake should have respect for those descendants of COGIC who desire to live holy and righteous and not endorse gay marriage because his decisions are negatively effecting our marriages, kids and kin folks who need to see an example of a holy and righteous nation, not wavering and giving into what satisfies this world.  Although, we know he, like a lot of other COGIC ministers are so caught up on having prestigious positions, God is not pleased with him taking this one, because he has allegedly became a puppet for same sex marriages.

No wonder many pastors under Bishop Blake do some ungodly things and scandalize the COGIC name- the leader appears to endorse sin.


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