Man Mocked for Following Harold Camping Shoots Co-Worker

Man Mocked for Following Harold Camping Shoots Co-Worker

Oregon man is in jail for allegedly shooting a co-worker last week. “He wanted to punish the victim for mocking the California preacher’s rapture prophecy,” stated on Christian Post.

The west Eugene, OR man Dale O’Callaghan, shot his co-worker, Jerry Andrews, in the shoulder June 24, for calling him “one of those Satanic” people, according to a sworn affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court by Eugene Police Detective Ben Hall.

Shooter O’Callghan and Andrews had argued frequently about the rapture prediction that did not happen on May 21st. Apparently, O’Callaghan had been teased often about the false teachings of Harold Camping and he went over the deep end.

The man’s mother stated: O’Callaghan “expected to be taken up in the rapture, and it didn’t happen … He’d been getting some ribbing from the guys in the shop, and I guess he simmered over that.” The suspect took the teasing seriously though they say he was not on bad terms with co worker Andrews.

Investigators said the accused used a .357-caliber revolver to shoot Andrews once in the shoulder area as they first saw each other at work on the morning of June 24. O’Callaghan is in the Lane County Jail facing a felony charge of first-degree assault. The bullet traveled across Andrews’ upper back and became lodged behind his left shoulder and “just missed paralyzing him.

Judge Charles Zennaché said O’Callaghan could serve seven and a half years in prison for the crime. O’Callaghan never had a blemish on his record until now.

It is better that Harold Camping say out of the public eye now and repent for falsely leading people astray. Even weeks after the false rapture prediction in May, grown people are still making mockery of Harold Camping and those that believed in his teachings.

Report from Christian Post