Bishop George Bloomer ‘Reviving’ Bishop Long’s Hip Hop Church, New Birth?

Bishop George Bloomer Reviving Bishop Long’s Hip Hop Church, New Birth?

On Sunday, Bishop George Bloomer, senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center Church in North Carolina, preached both services at Bishop Long’s New Birth church.  We were not sure what to expect from Bishop George Bloomer because he preached some at the beginning and then it turned into a stand up comedy show. He clowned around and preached about how some people are not anointed for certain positions in the church. He stated some people should not  be rewarded with giving the announcements if they can not speak; or ushers should not be in a wheelchair (Hovearound) as they will get stuck going down the aisles.

It was all fun and games for a while until he started preaching like we know the New Birth congregation is not used to. Though many have said Bishop Long can preach a sermon, it has not been ‘churchy’ in a long, long while. As Bishop George Bloomer began to sink his teeth into some real preaching, the congregation began to raise their arms in the air and shout, dance, and scream as if they needed to be ‘revived’ and ‘renewed.’ The more he preached, the more church members came up and placed money at the altar. At first it was a few bills here and there but before we knew it, in minutes the entire altar area was piled with cash!

Bishop George Bloomer’s sermon was on people coming back and reclaiming their lives. He spoke on breaking yokes and a new dedication to their church. The entire congregation was totally into this as the music played were all congregation songs. Suddenly, Bloomer made a statement that everyone would repeat : “I’m Back” and the praise break was on. We almost didn’t think New Birth could get ‘churchy’ like they did this Sunday. We saw people in the aisle cutting steps, shouting and crying up to the heavens. Folks were running around the church and people were falling out on the floors. This was a total renewing experience for Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Church.

As Bishop George Bloomer ends his sermon, with a song, “My Soul Loves Jesus”, the church wept. He goes on to try and raise money for the church as he stated: ‘the devil is trying to close the doors of this church.’ He reminded the church that they needed to rededicate themselves to the ministry and give seeds accordingly.

Bishop George Bloomer raised thousands of dollars Sunday for New Birth- promising those who gave ‘overflow’ and it will come in 30 days for them.

It was a different kind of support Bishop Long as received in recent days. As you may remember, Pastor Creflo Dollar took a stance in defense of Bishop Long, but insulted his members. Also, Bishop Paul Morton rebuked him stating he should apologize to him and everyone else. (BTW, a former member told us Bishop Paul Morton may probably be lashing out at Bishop Long because years ago, Long left the Full Gospel Baptist Church, which Morton is overseer, to join the Missionary Baptist Church because at the time he did not believe in speaking in tongues.)

Bloomer seems to be on Bishop Long’s side as his church had never experienced ‘real church’ in that building for such a long time. Back in 2010, Jet Magazine stated Bishop George Bloomer is a ‘spiritual son’ of Bishop Eddie Long.

Popular news about Bishop George Bloomer surfaced last year, had people confused on his views of homosexuality. In a article in Jet called: “Will Gays go to Heaven?”, Bloomer had a different stance on the issue:

“I lost a brother to AIDS. I have family members in the gay lifestyle and it broke my heart when they left the church because they thought the church was too judgmental. I had been judgmental too, preaching that gays would all burn in hell.”

“If we believe anything about what the Good Book says about heaven, it’s a holy and happy place that NONE of us really deserves. No matter how you classify yourself, you had better depend on God’s mercy instead of your inherent goodness. I’m not going to tell you gays will go to heaven-I’ll leave that assessment to you.”

Apparently, Bishop George Bloomer is coming to the aide of his ‘spiritual father’ Bishop Long just when he needs it.