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Bishop Paul Morton Rebukes Bishop Eddie Long Over Sex Scandal, But Has Skeletons of Covering Up Child Molestation

Bishop Paul Morton Rebukes Bishop Eddie Long from the pulpit, regarding his past sex scandal.  However, does Bishop Morton have a right to judge him? Let us go back several years ago when a sex scandal hit Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, before Hurricane Katrina ran he and his flock to relocate to Atlanta.  During Hurricane Katrina, Elder Phillip Emery Jones Britton, the choir director of Bishop Paul Morton’s church was stricken with AIDS and his funeral was in Atlanta at another church, because of the church’s sudden transition from the horrific tragedy, Hurricane Katrina.  Before such changes in the ministry of Bishop Paul Morton and his wife, Elder Debra Morton were the very ones who allegedly ignored the mother of a teenage boy who was allegedly molested by Elder Phillip Britton.  According to the Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), no one from Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church would not return the mother’s phone calls.   So, is Bishop Paul Morton so righteous?  Does he have the right to rebuke Bishop Eddie Long?

You will hear Bishop Paul Morton showing off on a recorded audio clip, but first let us briefly break down what he so boldly stated to his congregation as though he is above Bishop Eddie Long.  He was the prior overseer over Long’s ministry many years ago until Bishop Eddie Long decided to be under the leadership of Bishop Neil Ellis, years later.  Therefore, Bishop Paul Morton is not owed any explanation, regarding Bishop Eddie Long’s past sins and to publicly insult him as though he is God while ignoring he and his wife’s own skeletons, involving the past child molestation case that occurred with their late choir director reveals wickedness, not righteousness. So Bishop Paul Morton is in error and all this talk about Bishop Long needs to come and bow down to him and ask for forgiveness is something a slave master would do to a peasant; furthermore, this sort of arrogance has been going on in the black church for a very long time and it needs to stop, immediately. So, this is what was heard on audio in such a spirit of hostile arrogance as though Bishop Morton was waiting for Bishop Eddie Long to fall, after many years of division as we acknowledge:

Bishop Paul Morton arrogantly sent a public message from the pulpit to Bishop Eddie Long to “fess up” to what he might have done to the boys in his church. He also said is waiting for Bishop Long to return his phone calls and he has not done so yet.  Then toward the end he had the audacity to admit now that Long has paid off all four of those young men, it is time for him to come to him and ask for forgiveness. He expects Bishop Eddie Long to ask him for forgiveness?  Really? We would like to know when did Bishop Paul Morton’s name ever come up involving any of these cases with these four young men?  Bishop Paul Morton also realizes that he and Bishop Long have been divided for several years now.  So what gives him the right to suddenly speak out against Bishop Eddie Long as though he is nothing, as though no one will ever bring up what happened with his deceased music director, Elder Phillip Britton who molested a 16 year old boy  and no one from his church ever returned the  mother’s phone calls?

Now, let us go back several years before the late choir director, Phillip Britton allegedly died of AIDS and possibly gave HIV to his victim who had sex with him over a 100 times, according to a year 2000 Times-Picayune article posted on Pimp Preacher’s website.  At the time of the Britton’s trial, he was 38 years-old.  While on administrative leave from his co-minister of music position at Greater St. Stephens, Britton pleaded innocent to the new charge, brought under a rarely used 1993 Louisiana law, which was possibly encouraged by his attorney who acknowledged what laws could be in Britton’s favor and of course, if he had the support of the Morton’s, he no doubt would avoid a heavy prison sentence.  According to a Parish Assistant District Attorney Jake Lemmon, the teenage victim who accused Britton of child molestation had to undergo a “false positive” HIV test result and periodic retesting, because at the time, it was not certain if the young victim would be infected with the AIDS virus.  However, after having unprotected sex with Phillip Britton over a 100 times, there was a great possibility.

According to a police report, the late Phillip Britton was arrested on the church premises at the Greater St. Stephens corporate headquarters, one day after the teenage victim’s mother went to the sex crime unit at the local police station.  The distraught mother confessed her son told her he had engaged in sex for about a year, beginning in July 1998 when her son was only 16 year’s old.  The young accuser who was not a member of Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church confessed to police that he became acquainted with Elder Phillip Britton through choir activities and that the two of them had “engaged in anal and oral sex well over 100 hundred times in one year.  The mother admitted again she tried to handle the situation of her son being molested through the church, but no one would return her phone calls (this seems like they were indeed trying to avoid her).

The young accuser also admitted that it was another employee of Greater St. Stephens who provided his apartment for he and Britton to engage in sex, but the church’s spokesperson, Angela Young claimed that the resident was not a church member and she  went on to say, “the only comment from the church’s head Bishop Paul Morton is, “We are praying for him, and a person of course is innocent until proven guilty.”

Doesn’t it seem like that comment was only in consideration for the late Elder Phillip Britton and not the young accuser?

In the news article on April 10, 2001, Times-Picayune, The (News Orleans, LA), Elder Britton walked out of court a free man, after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge that does not label him a registered sex offender.   Phillip Britton had turned 39 and was scheduled to go to trial on the charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile and intentional exposure to the virus that caused AIDS; however, the state’s case ended when he pleaded nolo contendere, or no contest, which does not involve an admission of guilt, to the lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The district attorney’s office dismissed the HIV-related charge, but refuse to comment on its decision.  Judge Terry Alarcon sentenced Elder Britton and he was set free on bond to the maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and a $500 fine, but suspended jail time. The judge told Britton good luck and he hoped everything worked out for him. Doesn’t that seem like it was an inside job, possibly someone in the court system personally knew Bishop Paul Morton who was a powerful man back then in New Orleans and who knew various powerful people in the judicial system?

Furthermore, it seemed as though Bishop Paul Morton was very close to Elder Phillip Britton and would not rebuke him for allegedly molesting the teenage accuser.   Possibly, Britton was a close family friend, godson or god-brother of  Bishop Paul Morton.

The teenage victim was 19 years old when he and his mother stood in court while watching Britton receive his plea deal.  She said these words:  “This was a hard pill to swallow and he didn’t get what he deserved, to be behind bars, but he will never be free.”  She went onto say her faith was in God and he was in control of everything.”

Britton knew this youngster was much younger than himself and he had no business having sex with anyone outside of God’s required marriage, between a man and a woman.

In conclusion, Bishop Paul Morton should have never rebuked Bishop Eddie Long as though he never dealt with a case of child molestation in his own ministry.  He had the audacity to forget how his church ignored the mother’s phone calls, which was wrong and this is the very reason why he is not in authority to rebuke and speak out against Bishop Eddie Long as though his church and everyone in it was always perfect.

You can read the rest of the article at www.pimppreacher.com.

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