Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s Son Manesseh Prophet Pimping with Rev. Run’s Daughter

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s Son Manasseh Prophet Pimping with Rev. Run’s Daughter

Many people know Bishop E. Bernard Jordan who is a self-proclaimed prophet has a son who is doing the same thing, Prophet Manesseh Jordan. The bishop and prophet Bernard is very known in the New York area from his long affiliation with false prophet Rev. Ike and Rev. Al Sharpton whose a regular on his radio show “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton”.

The so-called prophets also have affiliation with former member of old school rap group Run, DMC, Rev. Run. With this circle of false prophets in long time association, there’s no wonder that one of the prophets wouldn’t start prophesying/dating with someone’s daughter. Reports have stated Prophet Manesseh Jordan is dating Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons.

This is a twisted kind of couple stringing from prophet pimps, a hip hop pastor and celebrity daughter living off the family name. It seems like a pot mixed with Harry Potter antics and Hollywood spices with a sure fire chance of burning everyone involved.

Young Prophet Manessah Jordan has regular a gig with Benny Hinn claiming to heal people just as Benny Hinn been faking all these years.

Sounds like weird combination while Prophet Manessah will have access to the Simmons’ fortune Angela Simmons can feel like she’s really called for something. Let’s pray for these kids!!





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