Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis Supporting Boy Who Survived Hudson River Drownings

LaShaun Armstrong and Ray Lewis- courtesy of eurweb.com

Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis Supporting Boy Who Survived Hudson River Drownings

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, became a mentor to LaShaun Armstrong. LaShaun is the 10 year-old boy who escaped the van that his mother, LaShandra Armstrong drove into the Hudson River on April 12, killing herself and LaShaun’s three younger siblings.

The United Athlete Foundation and board member Ray Lewis have come together to support children like LaShaun Armstrong. The organization has been around since 2008, pooling the unique resources of athletes across all professional sports with the singular goal of improving lives. UAF announced the fund during an interview airing May 24th on NBC’s The Today Show with LaShaun.

“In May, the group established the UAF Children’s Relief Endowment Fund to provide mentoring, tutoring, and counseling for LaShaun Armstrong and other kids in similar situations,” reports stated.  They want to raise $5 million in the next two years that would support kids in disastrous situations, such as traumatic family loss.  Ray Lewis and fellow member Mike McKenzie each donated $10,000.

Thank God people are pooling together to help children in traumatic situations like 10 year old LaShaun Armstrong. We feel for this little boy and pray God raises him up to be strong and successful. May God bless him.

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