Report: Bishop Long’s Wife, Vanessa Long Allegedly Moved Out of Home

Vanessa Long Allegedly Left Bishop Long- courtesy of

Report: Bishop Long’s Wife, Vanessa Long Allegedly Moved Out of Home

NOTE: We did not report this story first but was forwarded the info on Friday.

We just received a report that Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.,  may be living alone. A report at Mo’ Kelly Report stated Bishop Long’s wife Vanessa Long has moved out of their home. The report says she may have left weeks ago after the settlements were resolved  a month ago.

At Mo’ Kelly Report,  he states he would not publish this news if he did not make sure it was “right and accurate” information. He stated that he spoke with present members and current employees of New Birth whom were not suppose to disclose this information.

We have tried to contact New Birth and Bishop Eddie Long about the alleged news, but no response to our calls have been made at this time. Again, we have not been able to confirm this information that Vanessa Long has moved out of the home of Bishop Eddie Long but no one would be surprised if the woman is fed up by now.

When we find more information about this report, we will update it ASAP.

(We are not stating or confirming this information is true and correct here at AT2W)

Attention Readers: Please read an update on this report HERE

Bishop Long and Family - courtesy of google images

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