Gospel’s Professed Backslider Le’Andria Johnson Now Ministers to Gay Church Event

Gospel’s Professed Backslider Le’Andria Johnson Now Ministers to Gay Church Event

We really find this news to be very disturbing but not surprising. At one time, the winner of “Sunday’s Best” Le’Andria Johnson appeared to be humble and people praised her for her anointed voice. Soon after winning on Season 3 of the show, she admitted on video that she ‘backslid’ and started picking up her old habits.

We wrote about it on our prior post: Sunday Best’s Le’Andria Johnson Seeks Prayer After Backsliding. We actually commended her for coming out and admitting it because this can be difficult as the church sometimes judges you.

We aren’t sure what ‘old habits’ those may be, but one would think if you are confessing your wrongdoing to the world, then why not truly live it? Well, she must have lost some meaning of what God approves if she can agree to attend and contribute to the ministry of UPPC (United Progressive Pentecostal Church) and their International Holy Convocation 2011. Le’Andria Johnson will be one of the guest speakers on June 22nd. We assume she will be speaking and ministering through song but she will be amongst some interesting fellow guests.

Guest speakers of the convocation include: Bishop Carlton Pearson, Pastor Kenneth Samuels and Lacresia Campbell to mention a few. The pastors mentioned are gay affirming as well as many of the other guests.

The pastor of what he calls ‘holy convocation’, is Bishop O.C. Allen of UPPC (United Progressive Pentecostal.  Church). In short his mission stated on his website is:

UPPC principles seeks to transform the world from the inside out. We welcome Churches, women and men of God who are Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors and leaders regardless of church size, denominational background or affiliation, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Basically, O.C. Allen plans to do exactly what the LGBT are doing: turn the world into a homosexual circus of non-believers against the truth of God’s word.

So, why is Le’Andria Johnson a part of this? We can’t answer that because that’s her bag. It’s clear that most of the modern day gospel artists and some old school ones will do anything for the money. What she needs to do is not attend a function of this sort.  But if she wants to show God she appreciates His mercy, she will show up and tell every single person the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Wondering says:

    I am not by aany means a Le’Andria Johnson fan, however I am a Christian and would like clarificaion on an issue. What is the problem with her going to the Gay Church? Jesus didn’t hang around the saved he was with the unsaved to spread the gospel? No matter what the orientation of the person is can he/she not be ministered to? We are called to intercede and cover eash other, so why can she not?

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    We are so glad you asked that question. Jesus would want us to minister to the unsaved of course that is what He did. The only issue is many of the entertainment artists and gospel artists perform for these venues and events because their management company sets it up. We’ve found that the artists have left it up to them to book these engagements just to keep the gigs coming so everyone gets paid. From our research, we have found that when gospel artists attend these events they either do not know of its orientation or they do but never minister to the people there in accordance to what the bible states. Jesus spent time with Mary Magdalene and prayed for her and told her: “Go and sin no more.” If gospel artists are going to attend these events they need to uphold the biblical standards that homosexuality is a sin and make sure to minister as Jesus would in order to help free them. But of course, if they start doing this, they won’t be invited back but that’s the cost of living for God not the event.

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