Bishop Darryl Brister Closes Houston Church Unbeknownst to Church Members

Bishop Darryl Brister Closes Houston Church Unbeknownst to Church Members

The pastor of a church in the center of a half-million-dollar lawsuit is moving back to New Orleans, and parishioners at his Stafford church want to know what that means for their money.

According to parishioners, Bishop Darryl Brister announced Sunday that God wanted him to focus 100 percent on the New Orleans church. That service would be the last at the Beacon of Light church in Houston.

Parishioners wondered about the assets poured into the Stafford church. An Infiniti KPRC Local 2 spotted parked outside is registered to the church. Darryl Brister’s home in Sienna Plantation is worth more than $500,000.

The phone numbers listed for the church are all out of order. A woman at the New Orleans church confirmed that the Stafford church was closing. She said she did not know what would happen to the remaining funds from the Stafford church, if there were any.

Bishop Darryl Brister is facing a $500,000 lawsuit from contractors who said they were never paid for a Louisiana church built in 2009.


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  1. Ami says:

    I guess this proves that we can’t believe everything we hear or read. I think that if people are to form an opinion, they should at least be given factual information. Bishop Brister did not announce on the last Sunday of May or the first Sunday of June that the church would be dissolved; it was announced the first Sunday of May and has been discussed every Sunday and Thursday thereafter. It is also conveniently left out in the article that he suggested other options: visiting/joining other ministries, watching church services online, and bringing in guest ministers that he is affiliated with so that the members could hear them. In addition, the last paragraph mentions a lawsuit against Bishop Brister from 2009 concerning a Louisiana church. That lawsuit from 2009 was not against Bishop Brister; it was against the pastor of a Beacon Light satellite church. The contractor was charging for work on the church that he did not perform, and the pastor said it was a misuse of funds to pay for work that was not performed. That lawsuit has been settled; the judge decided in favor of the pastor. The lawsuit is no longer pending, it is closed.
    It is a valid concern that people want to know where their money is going, but the fact is when you give to a church and you don’t specify what you want it to be used for, they (as a nonprofit organization) can use it how they see fit. It is sad all the things that are going on in churches today, but unfortunately, there are no perfect churches. I think we are wasting our time if we are searching for the perfect church. It does not exist because the members, staff, and leaders that comprise the church are imperfect themselves. We are all striving to become better, and hopefully, as we learn better, we’ll do better. We all need God’s grace.

  2. Thanks Ami for commenting! This post is not to ‘conveniently’ leave out information to make a bad name for Bishop Darryl Bristol. If you refer to the video and the news channel that provided the information, you’d know that this is what blogs, news outlets and the like have had to work with. The news stated church members complained to them about their pastor as if they had no idea. We are not sure why they would do that if what you are saying true.

    If a pastor is doing the right things, by all means we want to shed light that he is. It seems that you have a wealth of info that many of us don’t know about, could you provide it to the news channel that covered this story or you can send it to us.

    We thank you for your comments and if you have some documented info, please forward those to us at: and we would gladly publish it for clarity.

  3. Nell says:

    As a former member of Beacon Light, I agree that some of the information from KPRC Local 2 was incorrect, but I would like to address the purpose of the new story, which was to address where the money went. I understand that “the fact is when you give to a church and you don’t specify what you want it to be used for, they (as a nonprofit organization) can use it how they see fit. ” However, there were funds in excess of $28K that were specifically raised for the Stafford location of Beacon Light which even had SPECIAL and SPECIFIC envelopes, for the purpose of building a church for the STAFFORD location.

    This campaign was entitled “Possessing the Land”, and status was given every Sunday regarding this campaign as Bishop Brister continued to encourage people to keep giving to this SPECIFIC purpose. As a matter of fact, that SPECIFIC offering was even taken up on the day that Bishop Brister made the announcement (BEFORE he actually made the announcement, of course). Therefore, those funds need to be accounted for, and possibly distributed back to the givers.

  4. Thanks for commenting! Nell, we are very concerned that your church gave so much money for the purpose of a building fund and it was never produced nor returned to the givers. As Bishop Brister has left and allegedly moved back to Louisiana, no one knows what is going on with these funds. We will try and contact Bishop Brister about this fund and hopefully he can give some explanation or refund back to the church members.

  5. Tracey says:

    The fact is that Darryl Brister’s intentions for operating a fellowship is to provide an income for himself and his family. I know his followers does not want to her this, they will eventually realize that this man is a con artist. He is only interested in collecting money for personal gain. As far as the money he begged his followers to give to him, they forget about receiving a refund because he will never return money. The lawsuit was never settle out of court and the pastor of the beacon light church of houma, pastor Hebert Andrews, still answers to Bishop Darryl S Brister. These people found a convenient way to cheat the constructors of a church…unbelievable. It saddens my heart that so many people crave just regular fellowshipping together, which is so traditional in the black community, but are being ripped of weekly. The main topic of most of his sermons are about giving to the church. If you ask the right people in New Orleans, you will get the correct answers and plenty of stories about the pastors fighting over money. This man is in such dire needs for money to maintain his lifestyle, that he is broadcasting on the radio in New Orleans on a station called Q93 to get people to come in, even offering cheap gifts to fill up the church. The key here is that the more people, the bigger the collection plate. I feel so sorry for the innocent people of that Houston church, for being innocent sheep. The wife is a poor excuse for a woman, because she knows exactly how pathetic that man is , but as long as her kids are living in the lap of luxury, she has a roof over her head, she could care less. God is watching, his day is coming soon.

  6. Hello Tracey. Well you have definitely said enough for many church members all over the world to think about. Many pastors are only concerned with how to pay for their lavish lifestyles and could care less about those that give the money to them! It really is a shame but we have to start opening our eyes to the deception of the modern day church. Big churches mean big business. God tells us to worship together but not fund the lifestyle of the preacher to the point we use sight of what we are suppose to do: Worship God and not man. Thanks Tracey for your comment. It was very enlightening.

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