Judge Rules Texas Public High School Cannot Say Prayers at Graduation

District Judge Fred Biery has ruled a suburban high school in San Antonio may not include an opening and closing prayer or the words “invocation” or “benediction,” claiming that using such words would make it sound like Castroville’s Medina Valley High School is “sponsoring a religion.”

Ayesha Kahn, an attorney who filed the lawsuit for Americans United for Church and State stated, “We think that the district has been flouting the law for decades, we’re glad that the court is going to put an end to it.”

At this time, no appeal of the ruling has been planned, and the invocation and benediction will no longer take place, according to Chris Martinez, assistant superintendent of the Medina Valley Independent School District.  He said their entire school system is set up on following the rules, and they are intended to do so.

This news of prayers being bound in school is nothing new, since 1962 there has been a demonic warfare against prayers in American schools.   In 1962, the Court examined a simple prayer that was said from the souls our American children: “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our country.”

Although, we have had tragedies within the American school system, it seems as though Satan will not back down, he continues to use school officials to fight God’s tool to protect children as they attend school.   By continuing to oppose prayer, it gives the Devil permission to destroy kids, starting from a very young age.  It gives Satan permission to cause conflict on each and every school campus and yet Americans cry and attend funerals, but it will not change unless there are enough righteous parents to unite and combat against prejudice in America against God and praying and honoring Him.   What is very clear, is simply this fact, we have a lot of rebellion among school officials that seem as though they are not born again Christians and have some sort of hatred against God.   If we expect for our children to turn away from sin, such as not giving into suicide, homosexuality, transgender spirit, gang activity, drug dealing, being a drug attic and alcoholic, drive by shooting, early pregnancy, abortion, rebellion against parents, AIDS, insecurity, theft, murder or anything not like God that has destroyed our youth, then school officials must do what is right and turn back to God.  Parents must turn back to God and when they do, they must unite in love and approach legislation to put prayer not only back into graduation ceremonies, but also in schools all across America and completely obey God’s Word.

Source: blackchristiannews.com
Source: heartofwisdom.com
Photo courtesy: abovethelaw.com