Anita Wooten-Francis Fired for Praying in Brooklyn School

This woman of God is rare when is comes to teachers who instruct our children, not many publicly confessed that Jesus is Lord and reveal their love for Jesus Christ without shame.   Born again believer,  Anita Wooten Francis, 52, says she was mistreated by her principal who made mockery of her being a Christian and eventually fired her. She never had any problems with prejudice against her Christian stance until Principal George Andrews arrived at Carnasie school in 2004, allegedly.

Anita Wooten Francis has been an assistant public education teacher for sixteen years and never tried to lure children into Christianity. She worshiped in her classroom before or after students left, read the Bible on her lunch break, led other teachers in a prayer group, and played gospel music during non-working hours.

Andrews also accused Francis of grabbing a child, but she said he was lying and there the evidence is proven that she has numbness in her hands.

She claims Principal Andrews maliciously said these words to her: ‘You can’t be praying in my school…’ She then went onto explain he accused her of being a ringleader in praying. He repeatedly teased and informed her that he knew she and other Christians were praying to have the demons removed from his spirit, but it was not working,  according to a lawsuit Francis filed earlier this month in Brooklyn federal court.

Francis is not the only born again Christian who has endured persecution while at work and school; however, still there are not many outspoken daring professed Christians who are not embarrassed to make it known that they are God’s children.

Anita Wooten-Francis’ story reminds us of a woman who worked for a famous aquarium in the Georgia who now is a journalist for AT2W.   The former employee was mistreated and falsely accused of buying merchandise from the gift store while on duty.  They accused this Christian woman without revealing any evidence and gave her a forewarning through her co-worker. She was also laughed at for carrying her Holy Bible to and from work.

Regardless of employers, co-workers and strangers who refuse to allow freedom of religion in this country, God always wins and it is okay to face persecution, because the Word of God lets us know that persecution will come for following Christ.

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