Woman Sees Kurt Cobain In Hell When Jesus Responds To Her Question

This woman uploaded a video on You Tube, about three years ago, regarding her experience with listening to her favorite rock artist, Kurt Cobain.   She shares her vision she received from Jesus, after asking him if it was okay for her to listen to Kurt Cobain’s music and his response to her was very scary, a vision of Kurt Cobain in burning in everlasting fire and brimstone.

The question always is, if we should separate from the world and not take part in secular music.  Obviously, because rock music is very evil, just like hip hop, there is no difference in welcoming Satan’s music and trying to transform it into Christianity.   Whether we choose to enjoy rock music (hip-hop, pop or any other sort of worldly genre) or trying to call it Christian rock, it is wrong.  This is why the Word of God tells us to put a difference between the clean and unclean and that he would rather we be hot or cold, than lukewarm (Rev. 13: 15-16) and then the Bible says, ‘Be Ye Holy for I am holy’(1 Peter 1:16). This is why the church should be different from the world.

The answer became very clear to this woman when Jesus revealed Kurt Cobain in hell.   Today’s Christian church is guilty in welcoming this sort of music into the church and if ministers of the gospel do not stop perpetrating in order to gain members, they too will burn in everlasting fire.   This is why we should not blend in rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop or any other sort of worldly music into church music, it is wrong.

Listen to this woman’s story below how she saw Kurt Cobain in hell and she got her response that she should no longer listen to his music, any longer.

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photo courtesy:celebritydailypost.com